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Default No Compassion - No Empowerment - Sad state of Affairs

Delta has no compassion and is on their way out along with all the rest, once high-speed rail is in place - invest in it as the airlines care nothing about the humans that pay to keep them in business - here's my complaint that fell on deaf ears -
Hello and thank your for taking the time to review my complaint regarding my travel on your airline –
I’m currently sitting in the Radisson Hotel at the Memphis Airport. I am here due to a delayed landing of my flight – Flight No DL2175 – which flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Memphis, scheduled for a 6:06 p.m. arrival, and I was scheduled out to my final destination on Flight No DL3698, taking me to my home in Cleveland, OH.
Just for background, I am coming from my Mother’s funeral of this a.m. – January 4th. I had traveled to bury her in Florida, after sitting with her this past week – she died Tuesday morning in Kinston, NC – we flew into Greenville, NC and only USAir flies there – we had flown her body to be buried with my father in Florida and I was going home after that ordeal.
Our flight into Memphis was delayed for landing due to “Radio Frequency Problems” that the pilot had shared with us. We landed at 6:42 which gave me 6 minutes to go from Gate B7 (?) to Gate C7 where my flight to Cleveland was boarding – when I arrived at the gate (running and sweating) the door was closed and no attendant was at the gate. I went right next door and pleaded to have someone help me get on the plane which was still parked at the gate – when I turned the attendant at C7 was there – apparently she had come out of the gateway – and I pleaded with her to get me on the plane – telling her I just buried my Mother and just needed to get home after sitting vigil with her for a week…she looked, could tell I was telling the truth but could not help – no way – go to the counter up front was her direction…the plane could have easily reopened the door and allowed me to board – I understand the FAA regulations – but doing what’s right and the right thing are two different things.
I went to the front counter, out of security and they were closing…the lady there was at first very rigid and said there were no more flights out – the airport is closing…so after a bit of discussion and such, telling me the next flight out was tomorrow – 2/5 – at 8:30 a.m., getting me in at 11:30…I asked for a supervisor. She left for about 10 minutes and then reappeared with a red-coat supervisor – they did help to get me on the flight for tomorrow, but said there would be no amenities for the delay and I could stay in the airport or go to a hotel on my tab…she tried to call the ‘big guy’ and did get him and confirmed, yes there were radio frequency problems and no there would be no amenity…she agreed that the rules do the right thing, not what’s right…
I believe that your airline should pay for my room and a meal – the room is going to cost approximately $58 + tax and I ate a hamburger and fries which cost $12…
It appears this was an airport problem so your company is hiding behind that as a responsibility and telling me oh well –
By the way, I asked about my $25 checked bag and they said the bag made the connection – sad state of affairs when you move baggage more effectively and efficiently than you do the paying customer.
I cannot believe the lack of compassion, lack of customer service and focus, and the uncaring nature in which you are conducting business and preying upon the public in such a way.
When I got on board the shuttle to come to the Radisson there were 9 or 10 folks on that shuttle that were in the same boat – missed their connections and were stranded with ‘no amenity’, which is what they kept stating from your personnel –
By the way, they as people were understanding but as your employees could do nothing to help me, and apparently anyone else that was affected by this radio frequency issue – it seems it affected multiple aircraft so multiple folks going to multiple places.
How can you feel good about that?
I work in the aerospace industry, making spare parts as one of your suppliers, along with all the other major airlines…I just can’t believe how the industry has turned into a non-caring and arrogant business.
It used to be a pleasure to travel, wearing our best clothes, feeling special to fly, etc – no longer – I know Delta/Northwest did not cause this but you’re not doing anything to help or change it.
Please consider that you should reimburse me for my hotel stay and meal – I’m stuck in Memphis after burying my Mother after a week of sitting vigil and watching her die, burying her, and simply wanting to get home to Cleveland so I can attempt to gain my balance once more and return to work – I won’t be able to do that tomorrow and will have to take a day off and return on Monday – as well I’m forced to incur expenses due to this delay which was completely out of my control – I realize maybe out of your control to, but I was flying your airline and it was not an act of God – you lease/rent facility space at airports and to use their services such as radio frequencies – they had a problem, causing you a problem – that should not fall on my shoulders to bear…yet your personnel and your airline apparently think it should.
Your company should be ashamed of itself.
Sincerely –
Dan Rose

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