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Default Poor Customer Service, Does Not Follow Policy!

I made reservations with Delta for 3/6/11 leaving Detroit to Orlando. I have not been on a plane for over 30 years. Initially, I was planning on flying SPIRIT, as their rates were better. My sister, advised that I fly Delta, so I went on her advice.
I am very disappointed with the service, or lack of-and seeing that Delta allowed most passengers to take their large luggage bags on board, neglecting to pay baggage fees.
We sat on the plane, my granddaughter and I for over 1/2 hr., never being told what the delay was. It was warm and stuffy, and crying kids everywhere. Eventually, the pilot did tell us that the plane needed to be de iced. We had already been told to buckle and put away cell phones, etc. The plane was app: 1 hr and 15 minutes late for take off. My family, just prior to leaving for the airport, checked on line and saw that our flight was "on-time!" This was untrue. When they arrived at the airport early, they were forced to drive around the airport for at least 2 hours, as they were not permitted to stop.. I had no way of notifying them of the delay and Delta certainly did not.
After being in the air for 2 hrs., and STILL listening to screaming kids, I paid $6.00 for my granddaughter to listen to a movie. Then we realized we needed headphones. We called for assistance, but no one came. I pushed the call button 10-15 times, and still NO assistance. The passenger next to me even began pushing her call button, and No response. After about a half hour, a lady walked by and I yelled for her assistance. I told her that this "silent movie" was now 1/2 hr. passed with no head phones. She said she would get us some, but naturally, she did not return for at least 15 minutes. This was simply unacceptable. On top of that, she charged me $3.00 for the headphones. At this time, the movie was half over, and upon landing, my granddaughter did not even get to see the entire movie.
I carefully read the travel summary, and honored the dimensions for a carry-on. I paid $100.00 for our luggage, as it was over the size policy. I was shocked to see passengers bring 2-3 pieces of luggage on board, particularly on the flight home. These were not carry on bags-they were clearly the passenger's trip luggage. I saw a couple pieces that were 25" suitcases.
This is wrong. I was charged $100.00 to follow the rules, where other passengers did not, and Delta's policy was not enforced.
I made a written complaint to Delta, and was offered a $75.00 baggage voucher. This is completely useless to me as I've flown once in 30 years, and most likely will never do so again. And...if I did, by chance-I WOULD NOT FLY DELTA! This airline will do nothing to make things right with their customers. Their apologies are simply words. I feel that when a company does not carry through on their promises for excellent, timely care, and discriminates against who pays for luggage and who doesn't, they should be reported to the Dept. Of Transportation and Aviation, BBB, etc. I will make formal complaints until Delta compensates me appropriately.
Terry Munce
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You haven't flown in awhile and having only flown once is 30 years, as you say, so you may not be up to speed on airplanes, however, an airplane cannot fly if it has ice on it. The wings cannot create lift. De-icing has to take place. That isn't the airlines fault. That happens all of the time during the winter months and in colder temperatures and to ALL airlines.
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A typical airline employee response.... Even as an ex employee old habits die hard. This complaint was in no way shape or form about de-icing. It was about shoddy communications, poor service and inconsistent application of the rules. Delta are terrible and sadly their fall from grace over the last 30 years as been more precipitous than most
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Wink Delta Complaint Is Justified.

I fully understand that a plane cannot fly with ice on it. My first priority and concern was to have a safe flight.
My complaints were: a plane full of people, waiting for take-off, shouldn't have to sit in a hot, stuffy airplane for over 30 minutes without update and communication from the pilot. I would have preferred to sit in the lounge area, until the de-icing was complete.
I did what I was told to do. Put away all electronics, including cell phones-and sit for an hour and 15 minutes, just waiting. Immediately, I was concerned about my family members who were picking me up at Orlando, most likely arriving early, only to sit and wait for almost 2 hrs. past landing time. My sister even checked with the airline prior to leaving for the airport (which is 15 minutes away) and was told that our flight was on-schedule. Not true. They drove around in circles for nearly 2 hrs. waiting for our plane to land. This is just plain wrong. We should have been allowed to use our cell phones while we were just sitting there waiting. The communication was terrible.
And...a flight attendant should promptly respond to a customer's call button. How do they know whether it's an emergency or not? I pushed the call button at least 10 times, and my granddaughter, probably 20! and NEVER once did a flight attendant respond. 35 years or not, of non-flying does not justify Delta's lack of customer service.
It is wrong to have a policy, and then pick and choose who must follow the rule. Don't have a policy or rule if you aren't going to enforce it. I paid $100.00 to have 2 pieces of luggage checked in, where others paid nothing.
My complaints with Delta, who by the way-offered me nothing but an apology-are bigger than the ice on the plane. There were many things that could have been done differently to make our experience more comfortable. For starters-answer the call button!
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Unfortunity they can not de-ice the plane till it is ready to go. During boarding ice could reform(or if snowing or sleeting would accumulate again). The pilot should have advised that they were waiting for de-icing. If you were leaving Detroit they should be very use to letting people know about de-icing because of the cold and snow weather up there
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"Exactly!" thank-you!
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It is poor service and you can change it! Post your story on every complaint site that you can find. Google, "Delta complaints" and post your story in as many places as you can. Tell your friends and ask them to tell their friends. Eventually, there will be a change. Until about 4-5 years ago, this was not the case with Delta. They were the best. Sadly, not so much these days.

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