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Angry Blatantly Lied To by Supervisor

Hello - I can't believe that I have to send this email, and after my experience today. I received notification that my flights on Nov. 6th had changed. My new flight gives me an extra hour in Atlanta, which did not make me happy, but what upset me more was that I did not have seats assigned with my two young sons. I called Delta customer service and after fighting with the voice reponse system I finally reached a person who spent 5 minutes telling me why she couldn't help me. I asked to speak with her supervisor and the man that she put me through too was rude, but told me he had assigned me seats together, seats 22 DEF. I asked if I would receive email confirmation and he said yes. My biggest mistake was not taking the man's name.
I went online several hours later to discover the seat assigments hadn't changed and I called Delta again. Got told that the seats were not changed and nothing could be done about it. I asked to speak with a supervisor who told me that she couldn't do anything about it - and that the guy before her couldn't have either. Only the gate agent can.
All the rest I might forgive, but apparently this supervisor flat out lied to a customer. And, of course, conveniently there is no record that I spoke with him.
I asked to speak with Amanda Arnold's supervisor (I did get her name) and got told there was no one else to speak to. If I wanted to complain I could email corporate headquarters.
It is no wonder this airline is in trouble if the only response I get when supervisor lies is to email customer service.
I promise you that Delta will be my absolute last choice when I need to fly again. And I will tell as many others as I can of my experience.
I could have lived with the flight change and I wasn't happy about the seats, but I am livid about being lied to.
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Default Some info about seats

I do not work for Delta but hopefully I can shed some light on the subject of seats. When you purchase a ticket, the seat assignment is not guaranteed. If the flight is already pretty full then prereserving seats is not possible for the agent. However, the Department of Transportation requires that every flight have a certain number of blocked seats for people with disabilities or, in your case, traveling with children. Those seats are not allowed to be unblocked until a specified amount of time. Usually within 24 hours of the departing flight.

If I were you, I would check in as early as possible within the 24 hour period and tell the agent you are traveling with children. The gate agent, at the time, has more of an idea of how to seat people and move people if needed. I hope this helps.

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