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Angry Security at its worst.

Read the mail that I had sent to Delta and then followed by a reply from Delta.

Mail from me to Delta:
24 hours before my departure I had managed to choose my seats and get an
online boarding pass. However, since I did not have access to a printer
I was planning on printing my boarding pass at the airport kiosk. This
is where bizarre things start to happen. When I tried to print my
boarding pass, I started to get error messages. Then I had asked for
help from one of the agents and she was unable to help and referred me
to an agent who can help me check-in. Her name was Ms. Woodward (or Wood
something). She asked me if I had already checked
in 2 baggages to Dubai (my destination). I said ;No! But I am
planning on checking two baggages;. She looked confused for a
moment and then checked me in my luggage all the way to Dubai.
Then I completed my security screen and sat on my Seat 17 J an exit
seat. Until another man approaches and tells me that it was his seat. I
showed him my boarding pass and confirmed that it was my seat until I
was shocked to see that he had the same seat # as mine and more shocked
to see that he has been carrying my boarding pass all this time until he
entered the aircraft, Yes! A boarding pass with my name on it! He
apparently has the same last name but a completely different first name.
I had asked him to immediately contact the crew member.

My questions to Delta:
1) How was it possible that Delta issued him my Boarding pass? With his baggage tagged with my name?
2) How did he manage to pass the security using my boarding pass with my
name on it?
3) How did he manage to get into the flight if I have already scanned my
boarding pass and entered my flight and sat on my seat?

All these are security questions I am posing Delta. He could have been
anyone (A good person or someone with other agendas). With tightened
security, how is it possible to let something like this happen? My
concern is, he could have very well used my name to do some damage and I
could have been in lot of trouble. Is that even on Delta’s mind?

I need some immediate attention on this mail and I want an answer from
someone superior and not an apologetically message.

Concerned citizen,

Reply from Delta to me:
Dear Mr. XYZ:

Thank you for your correspondence. While we certainly appreciate your
wish to contact our upper level management teams, our Customer Care team
has been designated to reply on their behalf.

Our goal is to make your travel experience as smooth and enjoyable as
possible, and we regret you didn?t receive the high level of service we
strive to provide. Our airport representatives are expected to verify
all passengers? identification making sure the boarding pass is issued
properly. We share your concerns regarding the situation you described
and your comments have been forwarded to our station manager in order to
prevent this from happening again in the future.

Delta prides itself on being one of the safest airlines in the world,
and we regret any anxiety you may have experienced when traveling with
us. We continually monitor the reliability and safety of our
procedures. Our daily operations encompass a vast team of aviation
professionals, of which the customer sees only a small part. Safety
will always be the overriding consideration in the operation of our

As a goodwill gesture, we have credited your SkyMiles account with 2,000
bonus miles. They may be applied toward the travel award of your
choice, and the adjustment will be noted on a future statement. You may
also view your account balance online at delta.com.

Again, thank you for writing. We value your business and hope you will
continue to make Delta your airline of choice. Should you need to
contact us in the future, or find information about our service or
operations, please visit us at delta.com.


Oscar Narvaez
Customer Care

In the End: Bribed by 2000 point
Do you think by giving me 2000 mile points will make my next trip safer with no anxiety? And some how I was not able to talk to someone superior. I wonder why???
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I think the bulk of your anger is misaddressed towards Delta, but should be more towards TSA, as this is literally their job to catch such instances. Agreed a red flag should have come up when you checked in with the Delta Agent and it showed you checked two bags, when infact you didn't, however it's the job of TSA to match person with boarding pass. So I think you should also reword this letter and send a copy to their supervisor as well.

Bribed?? Definition of bribe: "money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust" well they definitely didn't influence your judgement, and it's not like they "offered" you the points, so it looks more they "gave" you 2,000 points as an apology. Please people let's stop using words out of context. Really.
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Mr. Silent Bob,
Maybe I agree to the part of “bribery” is not the right word to use. Maybe, I should have said giving me the 2000 point to be “silent”. Whatever that is!!!
Step 1:
My point is that Delta could have raised a red-flag when they checked me in because someone else has already checked in with my name prior to me getting there and not only that… but also their luggage was going to my destination with my tag (name) on it which was put by the Delta staff. So, you are saying that it is the job of the TSA to figure that out. I am pretty sure it is Delta staff that needs to check my I.D before they tag my luggage and print my boarding pass. What “IF, again what “if” there was something dangerous in that luggage that the gentleman who checked in with my name had something that is not appropriate. What would happen to me especially with all that colored alerts such as RED, ORANGE…. etc.
Step 2:
Then it is the fault of TSA who passed the other guy with my boarding pass through the security screening.
Step 3:
Then again, I blame Delta staff to let the gentleman with my boarding pass into the aircraft as they had already scanned my boarding pass and let me in. How can they let the same passenger in twice into the aircraft?
These are some valid questions to ask Delta, as I am a concerned citizen and a passenger who paid full fare.
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They didn't give you the points to be "Silent" since you've posted your complaint in a public forum. Please read my original statement, I agreed with you that yes Delta should have caught the mistake the minute you checked in and they saw you had not checked bags and yes they should have caught it as you both boarded the plane with the same ticket. What I am stating is that the bulk of the responsibilty lies within TSA as its their job to match the passenger with their boarding pass. Once the guy had found out he was carrying the wrong boarding pass, his bags would have been retrieved, tagged properly and he would be issued a new boarding pass. If there was something illegal in that guys bag, you would bear no responsibilty as you had not checked in, you had not checked in any bags, the police can run prints on the bags that were checked in and show that you don't even own it. But nothing ill has happened, your complaint has raised their awareness, I also think you need to forward a copy to TSA, and that's it. I don't think you'll get anymore out of this. But you can persue the matter further if you like, but I don't know what more they can tell you.
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Malikdubai: What you went through is no surprise to me. The agent should have asked the other passenger upon check in if their bag was going to wherever it was going. That usually happens when both the agent and the passenger are not paying attention. The other passenger was obviously not paying attention as he never even looked at his boarding pass until he met you.

These incidents happen because...
1. more often than not then not the agent is tired and computer typos are very easy to make. We are required to work many hours of over time some weeks and when things are crazy we get very little sleep.

2. most passengers do not pay attention, as you experienced.

It is not security concern because both passengers and their bags are screened anyways and when the final entry is made to match the head count to the boarding passes used, the mistake is found. Unfortunately, for the other passenger, by the time this is realized, the bag will be going to another destination. Another good reason to read the all the documents that are given to you. You will be surprised how many people don't even look or READ their reservation before they check in and try to place the blame on us when their is a mistake. I hope this answers your questions.

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