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Default Paid for bags and they still didn't deliver

I recently flew NWA from Philadelphia to Grand Rapids to start my wonderful holiday break. The problem that occured is that NWA cancelled my flight from Detroit to GR so my family drove 4 hours to pick me up and 4 hours back north of GR to their home. The other problem, I checked a bag. Well, I got a bag pull slip for the bag (that I paid $15 to check) and then was told two hours later that there were too many bags to pull and they wouldn't do it. Kind of comical if you used the "there's too much work to do so I won't do it" excuse at work.

They lost my bags again on the way bag. This time I checked two bags and paid $30.

I requested a refund on the $45 to check the bags, but was refused because they "eventually" arrived. Let's keep in mind the bag fees were to offset the cost of oil which is now 1/3 of the cost it was at its peak. NWA and other airlines still haven't revoked the checked baggage fee. Amazing to me.

I now pay for bags that they don't deliver.

Watch out everyone because they're going to start to charge you by weight and maybe to wear clothes!
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The airlines, like any company, have the right to charge what they want, for what they want. If a person chooses to fly, to their destination, it is something that just has to be accepted, at this point, because things will likely not change. It is something that people do not have to agree with, but it will not change, and when someone purchases a ticket to fly, they are agreeing to the terms and conditions that are spelled out in the airline's contract of carriage, as well as the fare rules, which apply to that particular ticket.

To avoid these fees, as well as paying for bags, next time, purchase a full-fare, refundable ticket. These passengers do not have to pay for checking bags, and change fees, etc., usually do not apply. These tickets are a bit more expensive, but worth it, in the event that things don't go as planned. They can actually save you money, if things go bad.

As per NWA losing your luggage. Unfortunate that it happened, but most airlines will not refund the baggage fees, regardless. How long were they missing? The airline I work for will compensate for every day, after 24 hours, that the bag is missing. I'm not sure of NWA's policy on this. I would look into it.
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Northworst's policy is 50 bucks the minute the bag goes missing and 25 bucks for each 24 hours after, up to 4 days. Then it goes to another office which handles the insurance end of it. Supervisors and managers are authorized to give more and don't let anyone tell you differently. I forget the amount but I was a stupidvisor for them and never gave out more than the 50/25 because I was a company guy. What a stupid mistake.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.

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