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Angry 7 yr old sons luggage missing

Let me set the scenario for you. There were 7 travelers total. The flight from Raleigh to Puerto Rico cost them $150 each. Everything to Puerto Rico was wonderful and there were no problems.
Coming home was different. Each traveler paid $170.00 for their airline tickets. Five of them are under the age of 9 and were traveling with their 68 year old grandmother. The other is 18 years old. They checked a total of 9 bags. Their flight from San Juan to Boston left 1 hour and 20 minutes late. Their flight from Boston to RDU left 1 hour and 30 minutes late. We came from Wilmington, NC to pick them up which is 2.5 hours away. We were sitting in the airport due to those delays for nearly THREE hours.
When they finally arrived at RDU and we picked up their bags, we failed to realize at the time that one bag was missing. As you could imagine, with the kids having traveled since 3 am, the delays, and parents not seeing the kids for over a month, we were all mentally exhausted and ready to go home.
After we got home in Wilmington (2.5 hrs from Raleigh) we realized that one bag was missing and that it was one of the kids. I immediately called JetBlue Baggage Service in RDU (spoke with Pedro) who said there were not any bags left unclaimed from their flight. So you’re telling me that either the bag was never there or another traveler picked it up?
After I made 3 additional phones calls, Pedro called to tell me that the bag was found in PHILADELPHIA. What part of RALEIGH-DURHAM says PHILADELPHIA? He proceeded to tell me that if the bag arrived to RDU that evening he would have it delivered to me, but if it came in the next day I would have to go pick it up. What difference does it make in the timing of when the bag arrives to where it should have been delivered in the first place? I did not send the bag to PHILADELPHIA, JetBlue did.
I received a call at 12:41 am that the bag is back in Raleigh and ready for me to pick up. I called back at 7 am and was told by Michelle that I either have to come pick the bag up or have it delivered COD!!! JETBLUE sent my bag to PHILADELPHIA!!!!! I was confused as to why I would be penalized for something that was clearly JETBLUE's mistake. I asked to speak to Michelle's supervisor (Dina) and was told by Dina, that because I filed "a courtesy claim" by phone, they will not deliver my son's bag. Why does it matter if I filed a claim at the airport or by phone? The bigger point is, JETBLUE sent my bag to PHILADELPHIA! It was never at RDU while we were there to be picked up regardless of how you look at it.
I was told that the delivery charge is $100. JETBLUE sent my bag to PHILADELPHIA and now wants ME to pay for it to be delivered to Wilmington, NC!!!! Realistically, I do not feel that I should have to pay anything! At this point, I just want the bag. I calmly asked Dina to split the cost with me? Is that too much to ask since THEY sent my bag to PHILADELPHIA??? She said that she couldn't adjust the cost. When I asked why, I was told that it was because I did not file a claim at the airport. Facts are facts. The bag was not originally delivered to RDU. As previously stated, how I made the claim should not matter when this is clearly 100% JETBLUE's mistake. What was even more frustrating was that she offered me a travel voucher . After the way that this being handled, do you really think I want to travel JetBlue again?? Let me get this straight, I've already spent $2,200 in airline tickets and they want me to spend another $100 for delivery of a bag JETBLUE sent to PHILADELPHIA!!! If the airline is willing and able to offer me a travel voucher then why couldn't they cover the cost of delivery of my bag??? How about this: use that "travel voucher" to send my bag to Wilmington, NC.
I asked Dina if there was someone in a higher position than her that I could speak to about the situation as I felt this is completely unacceptable and not being handled properly. She said that she was the person over all the JetBlue operations in RDU. So now, I'm left with the dilemma now of paying the $100 for the bag to be delivered or spending 6 hours of my time, missing work, and paying for gas to travel to and from Raleigh to pick up the bag that JETBLUE sent to PHILADELPHIA!!!!! I still cannot believe the way in which this matter was handled.
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This is outrageous... you have been shafted by JetBlue. I would escalate this complaint up to the chain... and see if you can get someone with an ounce of common sense to review the circumstances. You might also try filing a complaint with the DOT.
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I just looked up JetBlue's baggage policy. This is what it said

Baggage claim
If your baggage has been delayed or damaged, it is important to make a baggage claim with a JetBlue crewmember while you're at the airport.
If you need to make the claim once you've left the airport, please call the JetBlue Baggage Service Office at the airport you flew into within four hours after arrival.

Baggage claim follow-up
If you're following up on a baggage claim, click here to use our online baggage claim system, or Central Baggage Services can be reached at 1-866-538-5438.
Please read full liability coverage for checked baggage here.
For TSA information on carry-ons, click here.

I would formalise your complaint, pointing out that whether you made the claim at the airport or not is irrelevant, they were negligent in sending your case to the wrong airport and it is their responsibility to make that right. They may be relying on some small print somewhere, but their own website does not make this information easy to find. I think you have a good case for arguing you acted reasonably and JetBlue should pay the cost of putting this right.
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Thanks for your reply and information from their website. It was definitely within 4 hours. I have sent my complaint to their headquarters, as well as the Better Business Bureau.

I received his bag about 6:30 pm last night and paid the $100.

Hopefully, JetBlue will correct the situation. I feel that I am not asking to much from them.

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