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Thumbs down SWA CLASS ACTION against rewards program

Anyone care to join me in filing a class action lawsuit against Southwest for making a free award null and void if you did not respond to them by March 1st?
I had a free reward and for health reasons did not take a flight for over a year.I was told I had 24 months to use this award (pay 50.00) and now I find out it's gone!! They say they notified people in Jan.by email,that we had to switch over to the new program by March 1st 2011.Well, I was not notified and now it's gone! They will not let me transfer that free award into the new program!!!This is absolutely outrageousI made 10 flights in 2 years so I could earn that free ticket and this is how they repay they're customers!
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Absolutely! I just had a similar scenario happen to me. Over the past two years I have been flying with southwest. During this time I had been screwed out of a flight because they say I missed the deadline by a couple of months and I lost about 6 points which equates to 3 flight. Today I found out that they changed there plan on march 1st. Back in February 2011 I checked my account to see that i had accumulated 14 points from previous flights. At that time you needed 16 points to earn the free flight. My account said I had until august of 2011 to earn those last two points. I purchased a ticket to California to see my girlfriend knowing that I was getting a free flight out of the deal. Today I decided to check my account to make sure I had the free flight available. What I saw was that not only do I not have a free flight available but I only have 1,300 points out of 35,000 required points. I called them up and was told that even though I had purchased the flight back in February my flight didn't count until march 15 which was the day I flew to California. Because my flight wasn't until after their change on march 1st I didn't earn the free flight. They told me that my old points count toward the new program but according to the scale they are using for the old points to be integrated into the new program I now have to earn another 1,200 points to get the free flight which means I now have to purchase another flight to get my free flight. They gave me a telephone number to speak to customer relations but it's been busy all day. Please please please, if you are reading this and you have a similar complaint, voice your complaints here and let's band together to shut these corporate tyrants down. I am so sick of them constantly dangling the carrot in our faces.
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Thumbs down Southworst Air retards program

I need 30 people to start a class action against southwest for taking way they're hard earned saver award from the old program to the new one. If you did not know and feel you were not notified by Mar. 1 2011.You had to switch over and if you did not well you are out of luck.You lost your free roundtrip ticket.I have called a few class action law firms and we need 30 people to start one .Only thing is,we need some documentation and everything is electronic with southwest. Well, I get their click & save emails but I did not get one about switching over to the new program by Mar. 1st.
Super disgusted at how they have treated me thus far. There is no loyalty!
I had flown southwest for years and because of a health issue could not fly for the last 2 years. This is how they treat me? Lost my free roundtrip ticket that i took an extra trip just to meet requirement by old deadline.
O well they said?
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Fortunately I was able to contact customer relations today and they honored my old miles, giving me the free flight. Good luck to you.*
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Default Southwest keeping dollar credits

As we attempted to make 5 flight reservations today on Southwest, we discovered that Southwest has made it a policy to keep your dollar credits if they are over a year old! Just like that, even though you did not need to fly anywhere, they decide they can literally steal your money!! My other daughter has a large dollar credit and tried to book her flight and one for my husband and was told she cannot use her credit toward his flight!! Yet, their website allows you to book for more than one person! So once again, Southwest is telling you that you cannot use your dollar credit as you want. Because my daughter will not be traveling after this flight, Southwest will once again "steal" her remaining dollar credit!!!! On top of that, when both she and I called to speak to their customer service representatives, we both found them rude and obnoxious--so much for their highly touted cheerful and friendly customer service!!! When my daughter asked to speak to a manager, he came to the phone and said, "So is your father you?" Then he basically told her go ahead and call customer relations if you want! After this trip, we will be avoiding Southwest at all costs--I'd rather drive!

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