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Angry Preposterous change fee

We booked four round-trip seats on Boston-Paris flights for August about six weeks ago, figuring that the best time to book was about three months in advance of the trip (according to industry wisdom). At that time, the fare was over $1200 per person. But since that time, the airline has reduced the airfare to Paris significantly, down to over $900 per person.

Given the over $300 difference per person in fare, I contacted AA to see if we could re-book under the new fare. The representative told me that I would OWE THEM money if I made this change. The reason is that they charge $250 per person to change an international ticket. That means that our party would have to pay $1000 to take advantage of the fare reduction.

In effect, AA is penalizing those who booked early at higher fares. They took the money and impose policies that make it nearly impossible to take advantage of lower fares. I find this policy both outrageous and customer unfriendly, not to mention abusive of customer loyalty. As a result, I will go out of my way to avoid AA whenever possible in the future.
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i know it sucks finding a lower fare a day or even hours after you book. all airlines do it though...not just AA. trust me i would have loved to get the difference that i paid for gas....1 day it was at $3.70/gallon, the next day it dropped to $3.59....fair? i dont think so, but it is what it is. i know your talking hundreds but to me money is money. once i book my airline tickets or even cruise tickets..thats it im done, i wont look again.
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Default You think that's high!

Just got off the phone with an American Airlines agent after going online to switch to an earlier flight and being quoted $1,100. When using the aa.com, the person who made the reservations did not realize they had mixed up the departure and return times. After catching the mistake, I've now been quoted over $800 to fix it! The entire reservation was only $880!

I've never had these types of issues with Southwest...maybe since I've flown so much with them. Decided to give AA a shot and realize now the folly of my ways...guess this is why they have a site like this...

Honestly, always expect some charge and was prepared to pay the $300 and even a bit more...but doubling the cost...is just bad customer service. Not sure what other business could get away with something like that without going out of business.

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Default Predatory Pricing

I'm going to create my own post about this. This is such a clear cut case of GOUGING that it is criminal. $200 for a change at the gate? I made my reservation on lie via AA and chose TUESDAY. I get to the gate and they said I chose the next tuesday. I'm always calm. I fly monthly sometimes three to four times per month. I explained I didn't want to fly next tuesday I made the reservation for that day and paid a premium for a one way ticket. I get nailed with the $200 change AND $200+ for a "price difference". I swear the agent got a cut because she was way to happy to do this to me. I checked online and I could have bought the ticket that day on my phone for $400. No change in price but I got nailed anyway. I wish we could revolt in someway. It's this kind of thing that makes people want to socialize private business.

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