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Default I'd never fly Spirit again

I would never fly Spirit again! You have to pay for a seat, and if you don't chose to pay for a premium seat, then you get one with no leg room. I'm 5'3" and I didn't have enough leg room! They charge for everything, even water!
I paid to have my baggage checked, only to find that they end up checking it for free at the gate because they oversell the flight, and don't have enough room for the luggage on board.

I flew to Chicago O'hare. My flight was delayed in both directions. Why? Because they have no seniority at the airport, so their flight has to wait until there is an open gate. They claimed it was due to the fog, but every other person I knew who flew different airlines experienced no delays!

Don't chose Spirit unless you love sitting for 4 hours in the airport.
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i fit fine on spirit and im 5'5". if you wanted the extra leg room, pay for the seat. i have a feeling more and more airlines will start doing this sooner or later. but their seat pitch is no different than uniteds, americans or delta etc. allegiant also charges for everything. most airlines also charge for bags unless your part of their frequent flier program. i dont know when you flew into chicago but there was fog on saturday night with rain
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I can't agree with you as far as all of the charges simply because all of this is stated when you buy the ticket. Also, how much was the fare compared to other airlines? I'll bet it was quite cheap. Sure, you pay for checking a bag, however, the more bags checked, the heavier the plane and the more fuel it uses. It's actually a bit more fair of a system. If you don't check a bag, then you don't pay as much in the end.

And I hate to break it to you, but almost all airlines are charing for some of the basics anymore. People scream and moan that they have to pay extra fees when flying a discount airline, but don't seem to think much of it when American is charing for blankets now.

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