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Old Nov 18, 2008, 4:35 PM
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Angry A Strong Warning Angainst Traveling with Spirit Airlines!!

Recently Spirit Airlines began offering flights to Colombia at low rates. Being that I was in need of a vacation, I chose to try flying Spirit Airlines to Colombia since the ticket was slightly cheaper!!! BIG MISTAKE!!! I advise everyone NEVER EVER to fly Spirit Airlines to Colombia or anywhere else! They are Absolutely the worst company imaginable. From there HORRIBLE customer service, to there old planes, to there notorious reputation of losing peoples bags!!! If you don't believe me, try goggling Spirit Airlines and you will see nothing but horror stories about people who have gotten screwed by Spirit Airlines like myself!
Now Spirit Airlines is planning on increasing there service to Latin American Countries. DON'T GET FOOLED!! They may have slightly lower prices but chances are you will end up paying for it somehow. Be it for the extra fees they don't tell you about or they high probability they will lose your bags!
Here's my own personal experience:
From the moment I checked in at the airport I could tell flying Spirit was a bad idea.
1. Instead of the boarding passes we are accustomed, I was handed PAPER RECIEPTS as a boarding pass. (How cheap is that!)
2. When I went to check my Bags, they informed me that they charge an additional $25 for checking in a bag. Let's not even discuss how much they would charge for a second bag!!!
3. I then checked my itinerary and noticed that they had added an extra stop to my travel plans without even notifying us. As I hate doing stops, I tried complaining but was just brushed aside saying that it would not affect our arrival time.
4. When I stepped on the plane, it looked like an old plane that shouldn't even be flying anymore!! The plane ride felt like it too because we had turbulence the whole flight.
5. During our (EXTRA) stop we had not been aware of when I bought the tickets, the plane developed some mechanical malfunctions causing an hour and a half delay. This delay caused us to miss our connecting flight in Fort Lauderdale to Colombia.
6. As Spirit only fly's two times a day to Colombia, they originally were going to make us wait till the following day to fly again. But since there were so many ANGRY people in the lobby, they finally decided to drive us down to Miami so we could fly with Avianca to Colombia. (Avianca was GREAT!!!)
7. But during this episode in Fort Lauderdale, we were PROMISED that our bags would be coming with us. Turns out it was a LIE!!!
8. THEY LOST OUR ****ING BAGS!!!! The worst thing that an airline can do to you while away on vacation. To this day I don't have a clue where my bags are, and neither do they! Seems like they do this more then A lot!!!
9. All the while I was in Colombia I tried contacting Spirit airlines to get information on my bags. For 12 days nobody picked up the phone, returned any of the hundreds of voicemails I left or returned an e-mail. On the thirteenth day someone finally picked up but was absolutely helpless. She said that she didn't know anything and couldn't help because she was leaving on vacation soon. She then told me to call back tomorrow and speak with Jose because he speaks Spanish and would be able help me more! (Mind you that this conversation was in English and I speak perfect English.)
10. I called back the following day, got thru to Ernesto and Mother****er hung up on Me!!! I never got thru to them again! As I was nowhere near an airport where there was a Spirit, I could not go see them in person.
11. I finally got to speak one on one with a Spirit Representative when it was finally time to fly back home. Unfortunately I had bought roundtrip tickets with them. But instead of finally getting answers all I got was more frustration. There customer service continued to be HORRIBLE! After waiting half an hour to speak with a supervisor I finally got frustrated and had to track her down myself. It seems she was to busy talking about lunch with her co-workers to actually work. When I started telling her about my problem, she said "What do you want me to do about it?!" I finally flipped the **** out on the bitch and she called security on me.
12. Funny thing is that the Sheriff she called over to arrest me was the only person who actually helped me with my problem. He told me what to do and who to contact to resolve my lost bag issues. He also shared with me that this type of thing happens everyday with Spirit Airlines as they cause more customer problems then all other airlines combined!
13. To top things off, my experience with Spirit did not end there. While obviously frustrated on the plane ride home, the flight attendant asked me why I was so glum. I told him about my situation and he in turn handed me a water and said it would make me feel better. He then tried to charge me $3 for the water!!! I handed it back and told him I didn't want his water or anything to do with Spirit Airlines ever again. He told me to fly United next time.
But he didn't have to tell me because I plan to! NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I FLY SPIRIT AGAIN!!!

UPDATE: It is now 5 months since I they lost my bags and I have yet to recieve any money!!!
Old Nov 18, 2008, 6:52 PM
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Airline Employee (NOT OFFICIAL REP)
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ok, from the start the first complaint bugs the crap out of me...
paper reciept for a boarding pass instead of a cardboard pass...are you kidding? your bitching about that? it got you on the plane right? does it really matter what kind of paper it is? its cheaper..yes its a LOW COST AIRLINE!! and i wont even comment on problem #4...because spirit wanted the turbulence so it felt and looked like a cheap ride.
but to try to help you out..did you try this?? and keep on them until you get something out of them
Delayed Bags - In Excess of Five Days
If your baggage has not been located and returned within five days, mail Customer Property Form to the Central Baggage Claims Office. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Claims
ATTENTION: Luggage Resolution Department
Spirit Airlines, Inc.
PO Box 350506
Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33335-0506
954-359-9594 (fax)
Old Nov 18, 2008, 7:18 PM
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Angry I Did!!!!

I have gone thru the entire process to a exactly how they told me to. But it is now close to six months since they lost my bags and i have yet to get this resolcved. They are now telling me that they will not pay out on one of the bags because they "CLAIM" one of the bags was delivered. This is total B.S. as this bag was NEVER found and not once did I or anybody recieve any call about this.

They are also claiming that they can't payout my expenses because they "LOST" the original reciepts i mailed out to them. (Even though they have the reciepts I faxed to them prior)

I'm actually even surprised they even called back. I leave messages constantly and NEVER even get a call back. and when I do, it's always from someone who doesn't even speak English!!! Luckily, i speak spanish so I can get away with it. I just feel bad for all the non spanish speaking people who have to deal with them.

But I'm tired of playing nice with Spirit Airlines!!! I'm going on EVERY message board possible to share my frustrations with everyone so they will never fly with Spirit either!!! I'm also constantly posting on my myspace, facebook and Hi-5 accounts to let others know as well! Luckily, I was able to reach my friend Josh already and stopped him from flying to Bermuda with Spirit! (YES!!!)

But you sound like a Spirit employee with your response. Feel free to reach me at [email protected] so we can talk further about this! TTYL!!
Old Nov 18, 2008, 8:09 PM
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i dont work for spirit, otherwise if i did i would try to help you more. did they give you a claim number or something that you can track your bag on their website? nothing is more annoying than people feeding BS to you, believe me. keep on trying
Old Nov 19, 2008, 2:16 AM
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It sucks your bag was lost and Spirit should have compensated you for that already. But from your long list, that seems to be the ONLY legitimate complaint you have. Let's go thru your list, shall we???

1. Paper receipts, cardboard, gold, tissue paper.......what's the diff? Cheaper the cost for that, the cheaper your ticket is gonna be. And that's what you wanted, cheap, cuz you flew an admittedly cheap airline. As was said earlier, it got you on the plane. You have no complaint here.

2. The information I can find shows that only 2 airlines don't charge for the 1st bag and they are Delta and Southwest. ALL others do, so this is the norm. You have no complaint here.

3. This one you also do have a legitimate gripe. I could go thru the rules that you bought a ticket from point A to B and all that crap but it still sucks they threw an extra stop in without telling you. You do have a minor complaint here.

4. According to Wiki, Spirit's average age of their planes is 2.1 years which is the youngest Airbus fleet in America. You have no complaint here.

5. While very unfortunate, all airlines suffer from mechanical problems. I would suspect you would NOT want to get on a broken plane. While it sucks you were delayed, you have no complaint here.

6. Spirit putting you on another carrier and footing the bill for ground transport is far and away better than alot of carriers. Most would have given you a hotel and a meal ticket and said see you tomorrow. You have no complaint here.

7-12. Are kinda all about the luggage and I do feel for you here. To never get you luggage back is rare and it has to really bite. Sorry to hear about that part of it. All airines also have this issue so this is not exclusive to Spirit. Also, you using profanity multiple times in this thread and admitting LEO was called on you can only lead me to believe you are a problem. In working over 20 years for an airline, I called the cops a total of 1 time. When you have problems, stay calm and keep records and names. It does NO ONE any good when you escalate the situation to where law enforcement has to be called.

13. Wiki also says (at least as of Oct '07) that they charge $2 for a bottled water. No need to be pedantic over a buck though. Whether the flight attendant and you agreed on the purchase beforehand, only you and he/she know but you deserve the benefit of the doubt. A bit shady on their part then. Possible complaint but nothing to really get worked up over.

Keep on them about the missing luggage, keep records of your calls and be prepared to go to small claims if you aren't compensated. Good luck.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.
Old Nov 19, 2008, 1:22 PM
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Originally Posted by The_Judge View Post
2. The information I can find shows that only 2 airlines don't charge for the 1st bag and they are Delta and Southwest. ALL others do, so this is the norm. You have no complaint here.
Domestically, Delta now charges for the first bag. (depending on when you purchase your ticket and when you are traveling)

Internationally, Delta allows 2 bags without charge.
Old Dec 23, 2010, 6:20 AM
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baggage does not always arrive at its intended destination.

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