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vanshdeep_singh_sethi_15 7:23 AM Jan 28, 2015

I booked my flight for my travel on 21st December, 2014 from Bengaluru, IN to Chandigarh, IN through yatra.com (Reference number: 29071455277), flight No. 9W2651, Ticket No. 589-5454229830 which was a connecting flight (Bengaluru-Delhi-Chandigarh). But on 20th December 2014, I got a message from the Jet airways saying that the flight is cancelled due to some operational reasons and that I should contact my agent for refund. I tried contacting Yatra and even after sending them an email twice, I got a reply from their side after approximately 2 weeks saying that their is no refund due from their side and that I should contact the airlines. It's been more than a month now and I have still not got my money back.

Yesterday, I again got a call from yatra.com saying that they have confirmed from Jet Airways that the flight from only Delhi to Chandigarh sector was cancelled and as I did not show up for the Bengaluru to Delhi sector, I will have to pay a penalty which is more than the refund amount for Delhi to Chandigarh sector which means I will not get any refund.

Now, somebody please tell me that if I don't travel, why do I need to pay the penalty. I have already paid for the ticket. I am travelling or not is totally my headache. The airlines have got their money. Why do they need to charge a penalty if the customer doesn't travel? This is a good way to earn profit. Cancel the ticket for one sector and keep the whole amount in pocket. Totally unfair for the customer. Getting the tickets cancelled from the airlines and not getting any refund and obviously spending some more to get another ticket.!
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