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Default Spirit is the worse Airline

On Nov 21st 2008 my family, 2 sons (8 & 11), my wife and myself, boarded Spirit Flight # 977 to Lima Peru for a 8 day vacation. We traveled with four luggages of clothes with one of the four with gifts for our family due to it being the Holidays.

Before lift off the pilot stated that the plane was too heavy and would need to remove 80 bags of luggage, then made the statement that the luggage will be sent on the next day plane. This is happening due to the money Spirit is charging for luggage they are making money on this, and when itís too heavy to fly they remove luggage but still charge the fees for each luggage or additional fees for over weight luggage.

After we landed in Peru we immediately proceeded to baggage claim to file the proper paperwork for delayed baggage. In the paperwork it states that spirit will be responsible for replacement clothes and bath needs after 24 hours that your luggage does not show up. Since we only received one of our four bags and the bag that we did receive was the one with the gifts. None of us had any clothes to wear but the clothes we wore on the plane.

We landed in Lima Peru at 11:00pm on Friday Nov. 21st 2008.
The next morning Nov. 22nd we all took a taxi to stores to buy some clothes for the kids which was pajamas, socks, shoes and underwear, along with bath needs. Cost of taxis for the day which included 3 stores was 94 soles ($31.00 dollars). Being in a foreign country on vacation it was difficult to find a taxi that did not want to overcharge you since they new I was an American on vacation and I did not speak their language.

It is now Saturday night Nov, 22 at 11:00 pm. We called Spirit Baggage claim and was told that the luggage will be there tonight around 11:00 pm to come and pick it up. After finding a large enough cab to carry 3 large 50 pound bags to go back to the airport which cost us 60 soles ($20.00 dollars), when we arrived at the airport after over 1 hour which was now almost 12:00 midnight we were told that the baggage did not make the flight and had to return back home which cost another 60 soles ($20.00 dollars) for the return cab fare, and did not return home until 1:00am in the morning. We still had no time to buy clothes for my wife and myself. We had planned a trip to La Merced (Rain Forest) for Sunday to leave in the morning that cost us $350.00 for reservations that we had asked our friends to set up for us, we could not go on the trip because none of us had anything to wear including bathing suits that would be needed for the trip. Even though we could not go we still had to pay the $350.00 since our friends had put up the money for us.

The next day Sunday Nov. 23 we took a taxi to buy bath needs 20 soles ($6.60 dollars) there and back to where we were staying. Later in the afternoon we took another taxi to the mall where we would have many stores to hopefully get all the clothes that was needed the taxi cost 20 soles ($13.30 dollars) one way. We found that my size clothes were not available since Iím a 42Ē waist and the largest we found was 38Ē. We were told that the store I needed to go to buy my clothes was an American store in Miraflores, Which we did not have the time to travel there. We spent the day looking for clothes. We had medicine on the luggage for my 7 year old which came with a throat infection for which we had gone to his doctor the day that we left for Peru to get a prescription. His throat got worse which turned into a high fever because he did not have his medicine for 2 days, we had to find a doctor and was able to get an appointment on Sunday late afternoon for him to get another prescription. After arriving home from the mall we took another taxi to the doctor, 30 soles ($10.00 dollars) and after the doctor we took another taxi to the pharmacy, 20 soles ($ 6.60 dollars) and another taxi back to where we were staying 30 soles ($ 10.00 dollars) this took our whole day. We continued to call Spirit and all the phone did was ring sometimes some one would pick up and just leave the phone on the counter for us to hear the background noise but no one would talk.

So far we spent 3 days just waiting around for Spirit to call us and tell us when the bags would arrive, We had spent money on clothes, taxi cabs, bath needs and phone charges to Spirit (which Peru charges for each call you make), we had planned to use that money for our trip for our vacation. We saved for this trip for over a year to visit my wifeís mom which is 82 years old and can not travel to USA anymore to visit her grandkids and daughter. This situation ruined our trip and stressed us to the point that we were worried our money would run out and not have the cab fares and airport taxes to return to the USA. All of us and our luggage did not fit in one cab, we would need 2 taxiís to transport us to the airport. We lost nights of sleep stressed over this disaster that Spirit put us through.

On Monday Nov. 24th we took a taxi (15 soles $ 5.00 dollars) to Miraflores to look for clothes that would fit me and ended up going to a few different stores until I had found something, it still ended up taking the entire day since we could not find clothes to fit me for a wedding we were supposed to go to and could not attend because we did not have the proper attire included shoes.

It is now Tuesday Nov. 25th and we receive a call from Spirit that the luggage will be arriving tonight and to be there after 11:00pm again we hired a taxi and again we paid 60 soles ($20.00 dollars) only to get the same result the bagís did not make the flight we paid another 60 soles ($20.00 dollars) to return to where we were staying and once again was home at 1:00 am in the morning and once again we called Spirit with the same results, no one answered the phone this was really upsetting and not only did it ruin our trip it was making us furious for 5 days we did nothing for a vacation and all for hunting down clothes that we should not have had to buy, we did not go to Peru to go clothes shopping.

Wednesday Nov, 26th again we received a call from Spirit and spoke to the person on the phone very upset for which we were told again that the baggage will arrive tonight we refused to come to the airport again to get the same result, since traveling to the airport was over a 2 hour ordeal. After arguing with the person they agreed to send the luggage to where we were staying, we were told the luggage will arrive around 11:30 pm, at 12:00 am no luggage arrived and we received another call that it will arrive around 1:00am and at 1:30 no luggage arrived, again we receive another call at 3:00am that the luggage is at the front door. After I got down 3 flights of stairs I found the van pulling away and my 3 bags left on the ground with one of the bags a broken wheel that was laying on the ground. I had to pull three 50 pound bags up 3 flights of stairs by my self at 3:00am in the morning for which I had hurt my back and neck.

Our trip was ruined, we spent most of our money that we had saved for our vacation on clothes and taxiís and bath needs that we had originally brought with us. This was the worst vacation I had had in my entire lifetime. Upon returning home my son had discovered that his games for his play satation 2 were missing and a bag containing misc. camera equipment was also missing, with all the issues and events of this baggage fiasco it went unnoticed.

I received a response from Spirit Air lines on Feb 6, 2009 from a Peruvian woman at the baggage department named Yolanda and was told that they would not honor many of my receipts and that the total was less than $400.00 dollars, she would not honor the taxi cabs to get the clothes and that I should have taken the public transportation to buy our clothes, I explained to her that it would have taken 4 busses to get to the mall to buy clothes and that it was a foreign country and would not understand how to navigate through the streets and bus stops and it was not safe to bring my family including 2 kids ages 8 and 11 through over crowded buses that I was told was unsafe to begin with and then after buying my clothes it would be dangerous to carry the bags back from bus to bus to get home not only that how would I get from the location Iím staying to the bus stop to begin with? and her comment was to WALK! She then asked where I was staying. I complained that I was inconvenienced to begin with and now Spirit wants to make my trip even worse by making me take public transportation and carry my bags from bus to bus and risk the safety of my family on the streets of Peru which I was told was unsafe to begin with, I was not on vacation to buy clothes. It took me 3 days to get clothes. Since the medicine was in the baggage for my son and my wife, I was also told that she would not cover the doctors cost, or cost for the medicine and that there is no need for a prescription in Peru. I told her that when we went to the drug store they said they needed a prescription and she said I was a LIAR !!, I also asked for percodan since I had sciatica in my leg and was also told I needed a prescription for that. She again said I did not need a prescription. I was told that the cost that I put down for the taxi cabs was a lie and that the taxiís donít cost that much, I told her the gas prices were around 5 dollars a gallon she again called me a LIAR !! And that the gas prices were no more than 3 dollars, I said the gas was not cheaper in Peru then in the U.S. and her comment was she was just there on Thanksgiving and the gas prices were not 5 dollars a gallon. I know this for a fact because when I got off the plane that was the first thing I was interested in was the gas prices and the numbers on the signs were between 15 and 20 soles, some places were 28 soles, for every 3 soles is 1 American dollar that puts the gas prices at $5-6 dollars a gallon. Her comment to me was does your wife know how you feel about her country, I told her I have no problem with Peru and it was being with out our clothes for 5 days that made it bad, they did not have my size there and had a hard time finding clothes that would fit me. I said how dare you tell me to take my family and put them in an unsafe situation buy putting them on the streets of Peru and in crowded buses to save Spirit the money for taxi fares that they were not going to pay for to begin with. How dare you make my trip any more inconvenient, after taking 3 of my 4 bags off the flight and not sending them till after 5 days then after the bags did arrive at 3:00 am in the morning on the 6th day, there was no help to get them up the 3 flights of stairs and I hurt my back and neck taking them up the stairs by my self. This was the worse vacation I had and want Spirit to refund my ticket fares. Her comment was she could only reimburse me for the clothes and bathroom needs. She made a comment that my wife should know what to do in Peru and that itís her country I asked her to call my wife and talk with her since its her language. She agreed but she never called her. I called the number back and left a message to ask for a return call from a supervisor about the comments that were made to me by one of the employees, I called 3 times and asked the same but I never received a phone call back. I still have not received any payment for my monies put out for anything.
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This is disgraceful treatment. You should file a claim in small claims and next time you talk to them try to tape the call. (You may be required in your state to disclose it is being taped, so you should check this). The dialogue between you and the customer service agent if true is a disgrace. One word of advice... the "I hurt my back carrying cases up 3 flights of stairs" is a none starter in relation to your claim. If you had got the bags on the day, you would still have had to carry them up 3 flights of stairs. That is not Spirits responsibility. Likewise, it is never advisable to pack essential medications. I don't think you have much hope of recovering the doctor costs. The taxi fares are entirely legitimate and you should not have to explain yourself for that, and the costs of buying replacement clothing is also totally legitimate. In particular, the trips to the airport to collect your bags were entirely the result of Spirit repeatedly misinforming you of the delivery of the bags and they were negligent in causing you to incur this expense. I would file a complaint with the DOT and file a small claims court claim.
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As Jim mentioned, medications should never be placed in checked luggage. Now...why would you have to go to the airport even once to retrieve your bags? I don't understand why they didn't agree to deliver them at the outset. Definitely take this to Small Claims and report to the Dept. of Transportation. Good luck! You deserve justice...something you sure didn't get from Spirit. I haven't heard anything good about that airline.

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