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Default Qatar Airways Refund - or not

I'm having a nightmare with Qatar Airways.

12/09/12 - I booked flights to Dubai via Doha
Later the same day I decided to cancel this booking and put through a refund request online (you can't cancel flights on the phone!)
13/09/12 I found flights with far better transfer times so I made another booking.
I arrived at Heathrow and gave the checkin desk my passport and paperwork for reference for the second booking.

When I arrived at Doha, I went to the transfer desk and was told that I had been checked in on my original booking. This was a mistake made by the check-in clerk, she had obviously not read my reference number.

I explained to the transfer desk in Doha I did not want this flight as I had requested a refund because the transfer times were too long. I was informed that it was impossible to transfer me on to second booking as my luggage was already routed.

16/09/12 - I was sent an email from Qatar airways inviting me to checkin online under my second booking. I was delighted that I had been sent this communication meaning I wouldn't have to take the booking with the longer transfer time and I therefore thought there was no problem with cancelling my previous booking as I had not been sent an email to checkin for that flight.

Now I'm back they are offering me just £113 refund from my original £600 flight as it was partially used. I've explained that I didn't want this flight and it was the mistake of the check-in clerk but they're not budging!

I appreciate that to the letter of their policy I have 'partially used' 2 flights, but I didn't want to take the first flight and it was an error made by their staff.

How can they call themselves a 5* airline when you can't even properly cancel a booking made online??
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The acts of Cancelation or refund on line should be handled with more discretion especially when a new booking is involved later in this case

Don't know how long it will take for Qatar airway to process the refund request on line
But It is not good to keep 2 active booking in the system albeit refund request has been sent
As when the booking data is transferred from reservation system to DCS(departure control system)used by airport the requirement of refund will not be identified by the system ,so when you checked in ,staff key in your name , your original booking popped out by default

As you well explained to check-in staff and show her your correct booking ,it was utterly airline staff responsibility to double check itinerary .name, whatsoever …….but she failed to do so which led to that you were checked in under wrong booking but just a hint that if you had double-checked your bag-tag receipt you would have had chance to let her correct it on spot

When arrived in Doha and check-in clerk realized a mistake had been made by their colleague in last station but they didn't work around the issue , as my personal opinion ,airline should have taken action to remedy given transfer time is enough as offloading and identifying a transfer bag is not too difficult given perfect organization, communication, collaboration at specific station .
I am trying talk about customer service and customer care for an airlines who are proud of being 5*
But weather airline are obligated or not in this special circumstances honestly I don't know!

Any way sorry for your experience and disappointed little bit of the quality of service of a 5*

Hope they may improve and they care seriously
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Angry Qatar service sucks, "Zero Star Service"

I submitted refund request online 10 days ago, no reply yet. Contacted Melbourne office, they said I have to contact Qatar main office directly, gave me some email address. No any replies to multiple emails! I start to worry as the flight date is approaching, don't want to pay 'no show'!

Ok, called Melbourne office again, they gave me the phone number for Qatar main office 974 44203015 (in Qatar obviously!).

Ok, called this number, cost me $120 just for the call because of half hour hold! Will see what happens now

Every time I call Melbourne office, I have to wait for half hour on hold, listening to "world number one airline" and "five star airline" B.S. which just makes me sick now about Qatar, doubt will ever fly Qatar again.
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Angry My wife flies Qatar too and always has problems.

My wife flies Qatar too and always has problems.

Last flight (14 Dec 2012) she arrived to the transfer desk in Doha on time, but her luggage was already unloaded, just in case she might be late!
The transfer was between two Qatar flights, the first flight arrived on time!
What the hell? What kind of service is it?
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