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Default Price gouging

I am at a lose for words and will try to articulate this complaint the best way I can. Because I am still in disbelief that it happened and MORE SO for the reasons we were given over the phone by a United representive AS WELL as a Supervisor.

OK My husband I were literally booking our trip to California using 2 different computers, 2 different credit cards and 2 different Milage Plus numbers. The point for doing it this way was to guarantee we can pick our seats and to make sure we were seated next to each other.

We elected to treat ourselves and fly first class. In the past the tickets had been in excess of $2500 so we never did it. This time A ROUND TRIP ticket COST $1,506 so we both go through the booking at the same exact time. Everything matched up and we even picked our seats. We simultaneously pressed the button at the same time. MY TICKET was immediately acknowledged. MY HUSBAND received an "opps something went wrong" box and had to start over,which really took less than a minute. EXCEPT HIS TICKET NOW COSTS $2,158. He books it because HE THINKS there is some kind of mistake and will call United. Because I am not a good flyer he wanted to insure he got the seat next to me. YOU can figure out the math.....so he calls and he is given a riddles sounding response telling him, that ALL the discounted seats have been purchased and HIS seat did not apply for a discount. HE SAID WHAT????? Mind you when we picked our seats, there were 3 already blocked out and what appeared to be OPEN was the rest which looked like 4 rows, possibly even 5 rows...4 seats to a row. The seats weren't even 25% booked yet...so what are they saying???? They are saying MY TICKET was the last discounted ticket and Anthony's wasn't. Did I forget to mention this is an April flight, on a Tuesday, leaving NJ at 12 noon???? Anyone can read this and think HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!! Oh and the 2 email confirmations are literally at 5:34 PM and Anthony's email confirmation is 5:37PM
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Default PLEASANTLY Surprised

United responded to my complaint and made "an accommodation " this one time and credited my husbands credit card so his ticket cost the same as mine.

NOTE TO SELF...next time call to make the reservation and talk to. Live person to prevent this from happening to us again
price gouging

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