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Default NWA needs to train staff in customer service

Hi i need your help please tell me this country is not so 9-11 scared that a soldier can not get home for his grandfathers funeral. My husband was informed today that there unit in WA is on alert for iraq.This will be his second tour.He gets a phone call not an hour later that his grandfather has passed away in arkansas. So now he has the stress from iraq and the death to bear and he has fallen apart fom it all.I remembered that we had a round trip ticket purchased for my step daughter and she ended up not using half her round trip ticket. The airline told us at the time we cancelled they would give us the credit back to use later.We cancelled her flight in august. I call the airline tonight and talk with the assistant and she states the airline is sorry that they can't give us the credit we were told we would have and that even though he purchased the ticket for a minor on his card he can't recieve a refund . I advised the clerk i would like to speak with a manager as i can't believe under these circumstances they would be unwilling to help him get home to his family before being shipped to iraq.I ask to speak with a managerexplain our whole story and ask if there is any way we can get some type of help with this. She apologizes for our misfortune and then proceedes to tell me that we had got a good deal on the round trip ticket we bought back in june and if anything we should owe them 100.00 and should just be greatfull we saved money on his daughters ticket.She states it it not her fault that it's all beacuse of 9-11.At a time where someone should be understnading she goes above and beyond to be not only condesing but downright insulting.I advised her i couldn't deal with her and i needed to hang up.
Not only am i appaled but i am heartbroken as i have to climb these stairs and look at my husband sitting in the dark ,because he wants to see his poppas face one more time.I have to explain to him the airline has no intrest in honoring his air fare credit and would only help us if we could pay full price for a ticket. i have been sitting here stalling for 30 minutes gathering the courage to tell him.

I have never in my life been treated with such disregard and this will forever be stuck in my memory that NWA employees could care less about my grief and need to get my husband home to bury his grandfather before he has to go back for a second time to protect this country and her and put his life on the line, and oh yes we should be gratefull in our grief we saved 100.00 last summer.
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Angry NWA--Very Poor Customer Service

I was working on the island of Kauai, HI & suffered a neck injury which disabled my right arm plus all the crushing severe pain. I had return tickets to the mainland in 4 weeks and made the decision to return home to a physician I knew rather than be transferred to Honolulu. I was given Dr's excuses for emergency flight to mainland & I began attempting to change our ticket dates from July 29 to Aug. 3 and was refused repeated numerous times to change tickets. My sister-in-law was with me and I had to have help on plane (not from attendants which became quite obvious). The only reason they changed my ticket dates was because my son found empty seats on Expedia for their airline
& called me with the flight numbers. Even at that I didn't get off the island until Aug. 6. Since then I have had 2 cervical (neck) surgeries, PT 3 times weekly, many physician visits, medicine, etc. NWA just apologizes for the insensitive ticket agents, nothing else. Then I had to pay the extra $200 for ticket change. I have tried calling, writing letters, wrote my senators, etc. What do I do now? Those days of waiting are the reason I am physically unable to work (I LIKE MY JOB), personal care isn't easy, etc. Don't ever fly NWA & expect good customer service.

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