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United Airlines Complaints>Destroyed Baggage, no help from United!
nkohleriter 11:59 PM Jun 25, 2009
Here is the letter describing my ordeal:

June 23, 2009

Glenn Tilton
Chairman and CEO
United Airlines
77 West Wacker Dr.
Chicago, Ill 60601

Dear Mr. Tilton:

I am writing you because I have tried at least a dozen times to find some one at your company to assist me, all to no avail. I have had the worst customer relations experience of my entire life dealing with your organization. Let me quickly relay the facts:

· On May 17, 2009, I took flights 137 and 705.
· On May 17th, you lost my baggage and I filed a report: number M45341
· On May 17th (late that night) you delivered my bag to my home.
· It was left, if a large plastic bag, on my porch. The suitcase was completely destroyed. The contents were heavily soiled and several were damaged beyond repair.
· Your baggage staff had attempted to shove the contents back in and “tape” the bag closed.
· The next day I spoke with Chana Marfil and Rishi of your baggage claim staff.
· They informed me I needed to go to the airport to report the damage, so I went to San Jose Airport that afternoon.
· At San Jose Airport, the representative at the counter told me it would be months, if ever, before I got any assistance from baggage and my best course of action was to take a $300 travel voucher and her condolences.
· She also told me I could submit receipts for the damaged items to Passenger Refunds-WHQAK at fax # 1-874-844-7173.
· I submitted my information, which included receipts for the damaged items (silk blouses) and drycleaning, the very next day.
· That was over a month ago and I have heard nothing from United.
· I called today and was informed your Customer Service line has been disconnected and I should write or email customer service.
· I emailed customer service on June 10;“Customer Service” emailed me back and told me they had forwarded my problem to the baggage department. (Sheri Valleri, Customer Relations
Ref #: 8704407C)

I work in customer service myself, albeit for a much smaller organization and I would be fired immediately if I offered service that was half as bad as the service provided by United.

I believe your company’s customer service is indicative of this day and age when large companies think they can get the ordinary customer to “just go away” if they make the system complicated enough to navigate. I have spoken with ABC 7 On Your Side, a Consumer Affairs Show about my situation. I am also copying my Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, because I believe our federal representatives have the right to know that your organization (which they regulate) treats consumers so poorly.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

PHXFlyer 12:06 AM Jun 26, 2009
Great letter. Factual, to the point, relevant details and your tone was certainly professional. It is apparent from this letter that you work in the customer service industry. If you don't mind when others post their letters full of emotional rantings and long winded diatribes about how their (fill in the blank*) was ruined because of a baggage or other issue I would like to provide a link to this post to show them how a thoughtfully constructed letter should look.

Well done!

*vacation, honeymoon, wedding, funeral, baby shower, reunion...
mars6423 4:50 AM Jun 26, 2009
I completely agree with PXHFlyer!

however, i know it has been a month, but sometimes it takes them along time to get things done, sometimes 6-8 weeks

i know you wish, everyone wishes, that it would be done much faster but they like taking their time, it took a while (over a month) before i heard anything back when i sent in a complaint, so hopefully your baggage problem will be solved soon and you compensated to your liking (dont expect too much tho)
airhead 4:34 AM Jun 28, 2009
I like the fact that you are going to tell your congressman. I hope eventually enough of these letters will get to the right persons and enough of the general public will wake up and DEMAND better service. One of the problems in the airline industry is that MOST customers do receive their luggage and the rest of the less than 1% who have problems are not treated like customers should be in business.

When I used to work for American on the front line at a small airport (performing multiple jobs) I did not have the resources to help customers with problems such as yours which can come off as bad customer service. Bad on the part of the company and futile to the employee handling the situation. I was essentially paid to "deal" with the customer but not given any real power to get anything done like give reasonable compensation. I hated being in that position but I also witnessed many persons who just tried to take advantage and steal. It seems the customer service road is one way. Good luck to you.
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