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upon ariving at the airport in Puerto Rico I was informed that my flight was delayed ( just having checked an hour earlier ). The problem was that I had a conecting flight in Miami. The lady at the counter was rude and told me i either go to Texas and then to Philadelphia or I stay in Puerto Rico. So i took the flight ( like i had a choice ). Not only was this flight also late departing when i arrived to Texas I had to run all the way accross the airport to make my other flight which already had the doors closed the let me in the plane the flight crew on the flight were very polight and it was a decent flight, But when i arrived to philadelphia the airline lost my luggage and told me that when they find it i'll get it back now i'm stuck in PA with nothing to were and none of my belonging. This is the first time I fly with American Airlines and it will also be the Last.
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So i took the flight ( like i had a choice)
You did have a choice, unless you really had to be there, you could have stayed and they would have to rebook you to get you to your destination. Depending on the delays (you didn't give a reason, so let's assume it's weather), it's actually easier to rebook the next day (and they should do it without penalty) and stay in your hometown with your stuff, so that in case you might misconnect.

You did the proper thing by alerting the agents that you might misconnect and they did right by rebooking you through another destination. (though they could have done it sans attitude) But for future reference here's a tip: If you rebook a connection, insure that there is another flight to follow up just in case you miss the first one, you won't have to run to catch the first, just go for the second.
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I think this is a case where when things didn't go as planned, people are rude no matter what.

OP, you mention you checked an hour before you arrived at the airport and your flight was on-time. When arriving there, it was now delayed. Not to be rude but an hour is quite awhile and during that hour obviously something changed. Would it have been better if it still showed on-time when you arrived at the airport and 5 minutes later showed it was delayed?

You mention you could either fly to Texas then to Philadelphia or stay in PR (like I had a choice) This is what I was referring to in my opening line. Your comment is laced with sarcasm. Since your original flight was delayed, the agent offered an alternative. If this alternative was what you had wanted when you originally booked, you would have taken it. It wasn't so you didn't. My point, it is an option but not a good one. When a flight is delayed, chances are better than not that you will be arriving in your final destination later than planned. While not optimal, the choice of taking the Texas trip is better than either waiting for your delayed Miami flight or staying in PR and going the next day. So, yes, you did have a choice.

The part about " I had to run all the way accross the airport to make my other flight" doesn't really matter. Sorry to be blunt. I'm sure you are talking about DFW and that is a HUGE airport. It is a sad fact but airlines don't sit down to see on each arriving flight what passengers are going where and then put their connection flights right next door. Think about that for a second. If an aircraft has 150 people on it, they all aren't going to the same place.

For them to re-open the aircraft door when it was already closed is going above and beyond, in my experience. That means that all take-off numbers have been sent or are in the process of being sent and now have to be changed. I understand it's only one person but that changes the weight and it all has to be re-calculated, yes, even for just one person. Kudos to the gate agent for doing that.

Losing your luggage is a bummer and I will not defend that. Changing your flight in PR may or may not have had an impact on that but it should have been tagged correctly to your final destination and rode the same flights as you. But the response by the staff in PA sounds about right. Not sure what you wanted them to say. When it arrives, they'll call you and send it out. That is pretty much normal routine
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.

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