Customer Service Have you had any problems with Continental's Customer Service? Have Continental employees treated you poorly?

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Old Apr 3, 2010, 11:21 AM
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Default Are the attendants trained to be rude? Flight 29 /28

Flights 28/29 march 26 and 30th.

Only on flight as BA strike meant Virgin was full..

On neither of these flights did I encounter a polite attendant. One male attendant who was on BOTH flights was VERY rude, and nearly choked us by spraying duty free 'perfume' around the cabin.. lots of the passengers were coughing, there was so much in the air in the restricted space. I have a mild allergy to perfume and could feel my throat swelling! This COULD have been VERY dangerous to anyone with a more severe allergy. DO THESE PEOPLE THINK? Clearly not!!
ALL of the attendants were snappy and treated passengers like cattle. The way in which one spoke to chap sitting in front of me when he asked for a drink was dreadful. It is a wonder that there isn't more AIR RAGE, as PAYING passengers get annoyed at being spoken to in such a way. The Lavatories on the flight were FILTHY and when I mentioned this I was snapped at. On collecting the trays I was sitting near the windows and held my empty tray up for the blonde attendant to collect she glared at me and held her finger up at me as though I was naughty child. so I just dropped it back on the table and let her pick it up. No need for that at all!!
I think that since the sercurity problems staff have been given TOO much power and it has gone to their heads.

Continental need to have a good look at their staff esp. if they want to keep passengers. The check in staff are also rude unhelpful.. the entire attitude seemed to be we don't care whether you fly with us or not... Okay I wasn't in business class but I still deserve to be treated well. I shall not be flying with again!
Old May 13, 2010, 6:07 PM
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Exclamation I agree!

I have just returned from a beautiful vacation, however, the flight home was a disgrace. I called Continental and they gave me the below info to write and send my complaints, yes plural, COMPLAINTS. I'm not one who complains or is picky but this flight was the pits. Continental will never be a first choice. They merged with United. Just make a note of that people!

Attn: Mr. Jeffrey Smisek
Continental Air
900 Grand Plaza Drive
Houston, TX 77067

Hope this helps. Get rid of the rude flight attendants and bring on the good ones. I know they're out there, met plenty of them.

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