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American Airlines Complaints>Poor Service
Jakester1010 9:05 PM Aug 1, 2007
My last trips on American Airlines provided me with the following joys:
1. Cancelled flight to Chicago. Agent refused to put me on wait list for later flights. "There are already too many people on the list." Even if she knew I had zero chance to get on couldn't she have just put me on the list? I was rebooked on a 6:00am flight the next day. Got up at 3:30am to go to airport only to find out that flight cancelled. Missed my meeting in Chicago.

2. Boarded a 3-1/2 flight from Costa Rico to Miami. We were told only one bathroom worked and there would be no water on the plane. "Go to the bathroom now because nothing works on the plane." Pilot says "Sorry, this palnes been sick all day."

3. Boarded flight today. Temperature control in the plane didn't work. It had to be 85 degrees in the plane for four hours. People getting nauseaous.

It seems to me that when I buy a ticket from American to go from point A to B that there should be some reasonable expectation that the airline will do what it is supposed to do. In my business when you don't perfrom your contractual duties you get penalized. I pray for the day when the federal government goes back to regulating the airlines.
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