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Exclamation Never again

My husband arrived at the counter in St Thomas a little over an hour before the flight left. The girl at the counter was sitting a few feet away and talking on the phone. We patiently waited till she approached the counter and I said hi we here to board the flight to Miami. "You aint gettin on that plane." "Why not?" i asked. With a very snotty look and cocked her head "do you know what time it is?" I was already getting ****** off. She said the counter closes one hour before the flight boards. It was 4:03. We asked her what we are supposed to do. "Get another flight" she said. I was ready to smack her. Ok so when is the net flight? She took another call on her phone, slumped over on the counter, and yet another phone call on her phone. The next flight was on the following Wednesday. She told us this and simply gathered her phone and walked away. No advice on another ailine, no hotel suggestions, nothing. Just walked away. We were stranded 3,000 miles from home. We frantically went to every counter, and finally we found a way home. US Airways was awesome. They directed us to the hotel nearby. They got us a flight out the next day and although there was a major storm in Wisconsin, we made it home finally. ($1000 later) Had that girl been doing her job in the first place, we would have been fine. There was no reason she couldnt let us through. And by the way the next day it took us all of 7 minutes to get through customs. My parents were on the flight the day before and my mother takes heart medication. I thought she was going to have a heart attack she was so upset.
I will never fly with Spirit again. By far the worst customer service EVER. They may be a bit cheaper than other airlines, but the misery of dealing with them is not worth it.
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IMO you did not arrive at the airport early enough. I travel to the Caribbean frequently for work and would never tempt "Island Time" and cut things that close.

Did Spirit have any guidelines for check-in prior to boarding?
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check in for flights out of the USVI to the states close 1 hour prior to dept according to spirits website.

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