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Angry Do Not Fly Spirit out of Detroit

I had an 8:58 flight to Ft Myers from Detroit. I arrived at the airport at 7:20. Had prepaid for my bag and already printed my boarding pass, but still had to wait in the full line to check my bag. The line stretched down past about three other airlines check in stations.

When we got closer, they split out Ft Myers and Orlando - Orlando was leaving 9 minutes later, but they got the "go directly to the counter", line while Ft Myers got the longer, "rope maze" line.

They had at least 5 check-in stations, but only 2 people working most of the time. Either the workers or the PCs are very slow... 3-5 minutes per person just to print out a sticker for the bag.

As we got even closer, we found they were letting people walk up from the side and check in ahead of everyone!

Finally got up there, checked in, gave them my bag, ran down to the gate.... just in time to see the plane pull away.

When we got back to check-in to rebook, the agent had the audacity to ask the person in front of me (who was in the same boat I was in) why she had missed her flight.

From what I've heard, Spirit is like this every day. The last time I flew with them, they had only one person working (but 2 working the booth to sell credit cards) and let anyone who had paid for a seat (they charge if you want to pre-select your seat, even middle seats) cut ahead.

Wasted over 150 miles of driving and gas going back and forth to the airport.

Never again will I fly Spirit. Delta is a much better choice, even if they end up costing more... almost never a line (check in at a kiosk, walk up with your bag, takes them about 30 seconds). Plus they give you a soda or juice, pretzels or peanuts, and water on the flight. I know that costs them all of $1, but I appreciate the little things at this point. Spirit makes you pay for water.

Oh, good news for those with Spirit credit cards though - apparently they get to skip to the front of the line for check-in.
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Delta are just as bad... Try southwest!

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