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Default baggage lost for more than 3 months

I travelled from Chennai to Pittsburgh on the 21st of August 2011with my infant daughter. The itinerary was to fly Emirates Airlines from Chennai to Newyork and then connecting on JetBlue Airlines from Newyork to Pittsburgh. I checked in 3 baggages at the Chennai airport with Emirates (2 for me and 1 for my daughter). When I arrived at Newyork on 08/22/2011, I took all the 3 baggages, cleared customs and took it to the Emirates transfer desk and checked them back in. I took JetBlue to fly to Pittsburgh and when I came to Pittsburgh, 1 baggage was missing.

I filed a complaint with one of the JetBlue team members in the Pittsburgh airport, she took my baggage tag information and promised that my baggage will be delivered to my home address in 24 hours. I have to mention here that she did not have any idea on what she was doing when she took my baggage information. I had to explain her what she was supposed to do. Nobody brought my baggage home and after my repeated calls to the airport, my case was assigned to JetBlue’s central baggage service after 2 weeks. It was assigned to Mr. Jason. I called this person and left couple messages and he called me back to get information on the baggage contents.

When I first spoke to him, I clearly explained him that my baggage is more important than any compensation. My baggage has the expensive Indian clothes, my wedding clothing (that carries precious memories) etc, and it is really priceless. To my shock, he told me that he is not a magician and he cannot do magic tricks (I was not expecting magic but to do his job??) to get the bag and he will try his level best. It has been 3 months since I lost my baggage and all he did was called me just once. He said he had a bag and asked me to identify the contents and it was not mine. It is me who has been repeatedly calling him and he would not even recognize my case whenever I called him. Whenever I call him he would tell me exactly what he told the previous time and this gave a clear indication that they have not been working to find my suitcase. Last time I called him, he said they are going to process the compensation and till now I have not heard from him. This was 7 weeks ago and I am sure if I call him again, he is going to give me the same answer that he is going to process the compensation.

My questions,

Since I checked my baggage in at Newyork, I am very positive that it is sitting in one of the airports in USA and there is no way it could have gone outside the country. I think it is just sitting there and no one bothered to use the information I gave them. Personally, I think the baggage agents should be trained on how to handle claims and how to treat customers with respect. If it makes sense they should be trained with losing a baggage filled with three or four of their paychecks and valuables so they realize the pain. Really feeling the customer's pain could go a long way toward improving service.

As I mentioned before, my baggage has my precious personal belongings including my engagement and wedding clothes and all ethnic wears (I bought all these ethnic wears in India when I visited India after 2 years and I don’t have any plans to go again for the next 3 years).There is no way they can compensate it with money. How is JetBlue going to handle this situation?

What is the point in even assigning my case to the central baggage location, if no one is responding or following up on my case?

I gave them the baggage tag that is meant to trace the baggages in case they are lost. Why is Jetblue not able to trace the baggage with that information? If the baggage tag is not helping them to find my baggage, why do they give it to us when we check in the baggages?

What other documents do they need from me? I need my bag very desperately and willing to provide any further information to JetBlue.

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