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COMPLAINT: Las Vegas Flight Problems

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In October of 2012, I knew I would need to book a flight to Chicago from Las Vegas. I had a pressing commitment related to my children in Chicago for Thanksgiving. So, I purchased a ticket on Spirit Airline's flight 446. Flight 446 was scheduled to depart McCarrin at 10:00am. I arrived at the Spirit counter at 7:00am, three hours before departure. I figured that I would have time to get a cup of coffee and read a paper. The agent at the counter said, "Oh! That flight has been delayed an hour. You're now scheduled to leave at 11:30." Well. That's not optimal, but it happens, right? I grabbed a book and settled in at the gate. There were approximately 200 customers waiting for the flight. Meanwhile, other Spirit flights are taking off on time and arriving on time all around us. The weather in Vegas was beautiful and the weather in Chicago was reported to be mild, but cool. Essentially, this wasn't a weather delay. At 11:15, the sign behind the gate counter changed to say that our flight wouldn't be leaving until 12:45. It was at this point that the calm broke. People were annoyed, but still hanging in there. A group of us approached the counter to ask "Why?" we were delayed again. One agent said it was due to mechanical delays but had no other information for us. Less than a minute later, and without leaving to gather more info, a second agent said that the weather in Oakland was bad and had delayed the flight. ??? Our flights wasn't due in from Oakland! So, we all guessed that this meant that our original plane wasn't flying and we were being given a replacement? Within minutes, the board changed again to say that our new EDT was 2:30pm. At this point, we're a full four and a half hours post scheduled departure. Again, a horde of people go to the desk to ask what the problem is and what can be done. People were screaming at the gate agents and others were crying and some were even calling a local news outlet who told us that there was a strike going on. It was just chaos. I pulled a few children out of the melee and watched them until their parents settled down. Then, I was told that vouchers for food were being handled out. $7 a person. Now, at the Vegas airport, that only bought a frozen yogurt or a coke, but not both. Hardly seems like enough food to keep people sane. I was fairly upset about the situation and began quietly sobbing. Another customer asked if she could help and I vented to her about my feelings. She took it upon herself to go ask the gate agent if there were other options for me. An hour later, that gate agent called me up and offered to switch my seat to a 'big comfy" seat. That was very nice of her but it wouldn't matter if a plane never arrived. In the meantime, two people were arrested by security for asking Spirit to fulfill their commitment. Finally, our plane arrived at 4:30pm. Once on board, the flight attendents were clearly tired and I feel for their long day. But, as a person who had been forced to spend a stressful day in an airport...from 7am to 4:30, I was exhausted and just wanted to rest so I could be ON for my children when I finally reached Chicago. The pilots tried to make light of the delay and that was sort of appreciated. He announced that Spirit wanted to give us all a free cup of water for the wait. Free water? At least it's something, right?

It could've been worse. I realize that. I also realize that I will spend my money elsewhere when I fly in the future. Live and learn.

A video of the guy who got arrested can be seen by searching "vegas air rant" in youtube.
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