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Qatar Airways Complaints>Qatar has no customer support
tomtom 9:26 AM Oct 12, 2013
I recently flew with Qatar Airways from Singapore to Europe.
I booked online and tried to rebook since my plans changed.
This was almost impossible. I got varying, conflicting advice. I was told to rebook via e-mail since I booked online. It took weeks to get an answer to my request and was told to rebook by phone. By that time the price to rebook doubled and it was cheaper to buy a separate one-way ticket.
There was absolutely no help, support or advice by Qatar Airways.
Hamidi 6:38 PM Oct 15, 2013
I was traveling with my wife from London to Shiraz and we had to change in doha.
She was arrested and put in prison for 3 days .
They to
They her that a Muslim women should not drink alcohol.
Why did they serve her drink and then pass her to the police for drinking
They also stamped her passport with the word "disobey god"

There are large number of cases similar to ours and they have the same
Nightmare scenario.
All in doha airport and qatar airways.
I have made 39 email complaints but no response.
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