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Qatar Airways Complaints>old woman ignored on Business Class, misses 2 flights
Carolinetravelwrite 3:40 PM Apr 26, 2016
I am writing in connection with the Qatar Airways horrendous treatment of my mother-in-law who flew Business Class from Copenhagen so she could recuperate with us after surgery for breast cancer. My husband explained the circumstances to Qatar and requested wheelchair assistance for her as she is 82. This was confirmed, however Mum was left stuck in a waiting room for 12 hours, missed two flights, and despite emailing Qatar directly, FOUR days later we still cannot get an answer from Qatar as to why she was:
1) Not given assistance as promised.
2) Missed two flights.
3) Not given any food but told if she wanted to eat something she would have to pay for it herself. This is Qatar's Business Class offering?
4) Refused a hotel room until very much later. Surely after missing TWO flights thanks to the lack of assistance promised she should have been given a hotel room straight away. Three times she asked. And three times she was refused! Why was she not given any food or something to drink? Ot at least shown to the Business Class lounge?
My husband and I are furious at Qatar’s treatment of an old lady, especially as we were going to fly with Qatar May/ June to Europe. Worst of all is that Qatar Airways refuse to assist us or answer our questions despite repeated requests. I feel others should be warned about this and I also feel compensation would be in order too.
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