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Default Emirates - Service at Sydney Pathetic

I recently had the misfortune to see the level of service provided by Emirates staff at the Sydney Airport.
It was not only pathetic, but was downright unacceptable – not in a country like Australia, where we pride in providing the highest quality of customer service – by any standards.
The staff at the airport were not only unprofessional, they were rude, arrogant and mean to most passengers.

The behaviour and the method of talking to passengers were deplorable, and I was shocked to see that an airline with the reputation of Emirates had such unprofessional staff and policy in a country like Australia.

Strangely enough it was not just one or two staff members who were rude or arrogant; my observation was that the whole team managing the flight, right from the counter staff to the ones at the boarding gates were un-couth.

Surprisingly after my misadventure, I was told similar stories by 4 of my other friends who all travelled separately around the same period.
I wonder, if this is the price we have to pay for the recent low-price offers they have launched from Australia.

I was also told that the level of service of their staff in Dubai too was despicable, but most passengers would accept it as the culture in those parts of the world – where courtesy and manners count for little.

Let Emirates be warned that they better mend their ways in Australia, where they cannot flaunt their status or wealth and get away with anything in the name of customer service for long.

Shame on Emirates
Resh Satyadas

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