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Default Malaysian Airlines seating scam

I bought air tickets from London to Kuala Lumpur return, in August 2011. Paid an extra £70 to get exit row seats. On arrival at the airport, was told those seats were non-existent & no compensatory measures offered. Turns out when I booked the flight, the seating arrangements were for a Boeing 777. However, MAS were still using Boeing 747s by the time of my flight, hence my seats were non-existent. They failed to notify me of the change of planes, hence it is not my fault. Writing to their customer services dept at [email protected]
was received by a blanket 'seats are non-refundable' terms & conditions clause.
http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/e...onditions.html However, question 8 in the FAQs section, i.e. in case of aircraft change for operational reasons.. does cover my case.
I understand that airlines may occasionally be forced to block off seats for certain reasons, but keeping the money is not on.
I want to have this fact highlighted, at the very least, to prevent other passengers suffering the same.
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One of the most frustrating things about airline Terms and Conditions are their one sidedness. These T&C's are very clear it is none refundable..and Question 8 only says they will try and accommodate you. Doesn't say if they don't you will be reimbursed.

You are in effect buying lottery tickets, to win the chance of sitting in your preferred seat. If you win the lottery, good.... if you don't, tough. The only remedy is not to fly with them again I'm afraid.
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I think you've got a legitimate "beef" here with that..

To me, if THEY changed the aircraft, for whatever reason (at this point, the why to me is not germane) AND as a result of THEIR change your assigned seats, which you paid a premium for, are no long available, then I think you should be made whole; refund.

That said, I also think the reverse should be true.. If YOU booked a flight and paid for special seats and later on YOU voluntarily elected to change flights, and your new flight doesn't have such seats, THEN I can see an issue being made.

To me, it revolves around what I like to call, who is the moving party.. Who made the change?.. If it was the airline, then I think they owe you either same type seats or a refund.. but if it was you who voluntarily made then change, then (so long as it's disclosed as such) a no-refund position would be appropriate.

But as you describe it, this to me sounds like a plain and simple bad policy..
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Oh that is sad to hear about you. This type of moments are really very frustrating.

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