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Angry Malaysian Airlines, How do they operate!!

To whomsoever it may concern,
Hi this is to inform how the Malaysian airlines staff behave with customers,
My mom was suppose to board a flight from Sydney to Mumbai via Kuala Lumpur on 31st May flight MH140 which departs at 21.40, my mom when checked in for baggage at 20.45 was told that her baggage was in excess and that she would have to drop some baggage off or pay for the extra kilos which was 3kg, well she decided to drop it off with other family members so that they could get it along with them but this was not what the airline staff wanted and started arguing with her to pay money instead and then when she was done removing the extra bit of luggage after a lot of argument the airline staff did with my mom at about 21.15 she was told that the gates are now closed and she will have to miss the flight even when there is half an hr left for the flight to depart and said that you can ask your travel agent to book the ticket for the next day flight. When asked the airline staff to call the manager /supervisor, she was told that no one was on shift.
Is this the way how Malaysian airline operate.
When contacting the travel agent he said that the Malaysian airline flight for the next day was available but was only from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur and not from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai.
We do fly frequently around the world with many airline like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, British airways but this was the first time I thought about experiencing Malaysian airlines as I heard that it was good from one of my friend, but believe me guys Malaysian airlines is losing it, you still have half an hour for departure and you are been told in advance that u have to miss the flight , come on what are they trying to do, get some bucks of you, is this the only way to earn money. If it would have been the other way round maybe Malaysian airline would get some more business (word of mouth) but they have lost it.
This is not it Malaysian airline doesn’t have a 24hr customer care line for customers in India or maybe for others as well, what they have is only a toll free number for Malaysian citizens and a reservations office contact number which is of no use after 17.30 IST and a Malaysian airlines operations number who has no information at all who doesn’t cooperate and just hang-up on you.
Well left with no option when we book a ticket for the next day flight we are told that the airline charges which we would have to pay are Rs 950 INR which are the date change charge, Rs 555 INR as tax and Rs 4000 INR as fare difference on top of the Rs 50000 INR which was already paid at the time of booking the flight.
Come on Malaysian airlines if you guys want to earn money come upfront we can give you some charity rather than you harassing people and try to get some bucks out of them.
Well I or rather my mom would not have to face all this hassle/chaos if they would have allowed my mom to board the flight after the baggage was within the permissible limit or if they would have arranged the next flight for her as caring for customers to have a good reputation.
Guys (Malaysian airline) you will have to change the way you’ll work coz it is a competitive world, people would not mind going to your competitor if they get the service or comfort and I will make sure that I will not recommend your airline and bad mouth you.
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Thumbs down Malaysian Airlines

I also had a horrible experience.
Thanks for sharing.
malaysian airlines

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