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Malaysian Airlines Complaints>Married - name change
Grosvenor89 6:37 PM Aug 5, 2017

Not sure if the issue lies with Malaysian airlines or Etihad. I'm due to return from my honeymoon in bali in January 2018 and originally booked our flights in June with lastminute.Com and chose our married names as we got married in July. After realising to change her passport, register the name change in australia and change her BRP may take over 6 months I panicked and managed to get our outbound flights with virgin and cathay changed to her maiden name.

Thinking it would be straight forward I asked lastminute and etihad who said as part of the flight is with Malaysia airlines they couldn't do the request and Malaysia airlines rejected it through lastminute (supposedly).

My only option was to cancel the 1500 flights which it turns out were nonrefundable (didn't specify they weren't on lastminute, as opposed to buying direct which say they are depending on ticket type) and rebook. I find it ridiculous I'm going to lose 1500 to rebook on the exact same flight when all I want to do is pay someone to change my wife's names back to her passport/maiden name.

I agree I was stupid to be excited about getting married and neive about the length of time to change her documents, but I still can't see how losing 1500 is the 'right' thing here?

Can any one assist? I'm happy emailing the passport to either airline and paying a charge to get this done but I feel like I've ruined our honeymoon.
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