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Default Never again

Why am I disappointed in Malaysian airlines?
Last year when deciding to take our 10 year anniversary holiday I decided to spoil my wife and daughter and fly business class Bangkok to New Zealand- they had never been business class before and I knew that they would love it so I searched for a long time and was eventually able to secure some well-priced Business class seats on Malaysian airlines.
Now, although we did not have any need to go to Malaysia and it would add at least 1 extra sector and approx. 6 hours in time to the journey, I thought it was a great deal.
Family was excited and eagerly anticipated the trip.
We arrived at Bangkok airport for the journey and checked in smoothly preparing for our great adventure. Then things star to go wrong…
Flight was delayed a little not too much, then we get on board, sit on the ground not moving and eventually leave very late…
Get into KL and run however we have missed the Auckland connection, have to overnight in KL and fly the next day- however after 4 hours of waiting and negotiating at the airport that night we are told we will be flying economy class the next day.
We are NOT HAPPY its 2am we are in a country I don’t want to be in and we are being downgraded.
Turn up the next day to try and get back to where we paid, also to beg to be allowed into the lounge….
Thought we would get at least good economy seats….
NO!! Middle seats 4 rows from the back of the plane….was becoming a very long journey- obviously family was not happy making me unhappy-
Missed connection in Auckland cost me $500 in new tickets as I was a day late- asked help desk at Malaysian Airlines to contact ANZ to explain the night before - they didn’t- tickets gone (could not buy travel insurance with Malaysian airlines online unless you book in Malaysia…)
Finally get home- start holiday- not the start we wanted.
Heard nothing from Malaysian Airlines and thought I would handle it on my return to Thailand.
Decided to contact them the day before my flight and found out that our tickets had been cancelled as I had “missed my flight”!
Lucky I called otherwise I would have flown to Auckland and then had no seats. After some long phone calls finally managed to get seats in Business class again.
Returned to Bangkok and flights on MAS were very good. Enjoyed it.
On return to Thailand tried to contact Malaysian air to find out what they would do for me as they downgraded my family for the main leg in my 10 year anniversary journey and upset the start of the holiday. Now I am a forgiving person and work in the tourism/ hospitality industry. I know things go wrong and it is all about how you “make it right”
I tried for 10 months to contact Malaysia Airlines and all I got was numbers (we are looking into your compliant and we will get back to you…) however for 10 months no one got back to me…
Then finally some light at the end of the tunnel
A lovely lady named Niti answered me and said she would look into it. I was very happy, finally I thought someone would make it right…..
Their response
Let us share our finding we note that flight MH783/08OCT16/ Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur was delayed resulting you missed connecting flight MH131/08OCT16/Kuala Lumpur-Auckland hence you were reallocated to next flight which is on the next day and had been downgraded from business class to economy class on flight MH131/09OCT/Kuala Lumpur-Auckland.
So under this circumstances we agreed to refund for the fare difference of THB3175
What fare difference?
I want the seat difference!!
I want an upgrade! I don’t care what the difference in price was- I didn’t even look at economy seats I wanted business class seats- that is why I booked business class seats
The offer of USD95. per person is insulting
They are not interested in owning their mistakes and fixing them. I am tired and do not like dealing with people and companies with no integrity.
They have admitted that they downgraded me-and all I am looking for is some upgrades- the cost of which is negligible to them and possibly an apology for not delivering what was contracted!
And this is why I would not fly with, not recommend and encourage all of you also to not fly with Malaysian Airlines again- when you make an agreement you just want the agreement fulfilled- if it can’t be then make it right!!
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Default hi

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