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Thumbs down Malaysia Airline, staff Service Excellence for Asia Award 2010???

Our nation airline, MAS received numerous awards in 2010 but their respond to customer's complaint is awfully slow and even ignore it when the complaint is escalated. I personally had the awful experience with Malaysia Airline, I am not going to elaborate the cause to the complaint here but the way MAS handles complaint. I sent an email to their SO CALLED customer service and lodged a complaint, it took almost one and a half month for them to reply me, but worst of all, the reply looked like an automated reply with all the standard explanation which didn't address to my concern at all. So, I replied the email and seek for further explanation, but I didn't receive any reply since then. So, I decided to escalate the matter to their SO CALLED leaders from MAS, I sent another email to them, guess what, the bunch of SO CALLED leaders choose to ignore me also.
I have given MAS the opportunity to redeem themselves but they also choose to ignore it, so I have decided to post this bad experience on any online forum that I come across, starting from here.
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Most of the time when it is a large company there is no point in sending letters, emails or anything to them as quite honestly they do not have the time to go over it, and they simply wont read it since it hasn't gone through an escalation process that has gone through the company, its not that they don't want to help, but they have alot more decisions to make and procedures to follow that they simply do not have the amount of time to sift through letters

Most CEO's and higher ups are busy in meetings, and taking care of business, and have organized the structure of the business so that it has a department for each area (finance, sales, marketing, etc) and each one has its own job and has policies it has to follow

What would happen alot of the time is the letter is opened by a secretary and then if they deem it is of concern to their boss they would pass it along, or they would send it to the appropriate department

With smaller companies the leaders have more time and can be more personal, and yes you will get some big company leaders do this too but not as much

It seems the standard for replies to complains on most airlines is 1-2months as has been the case with several airlines i have flown

so i doubt the leaders ignored you, rather there was nothing they could do and had the issue sent back to the complaints/customer service department and they probably saw that they had already answered you and thought that the case was closed
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I am a Malaysian myself and I feel ashame of our own nation airline! How I wish I could agree with you. Maybe you are not aware of the people behind the airline and the reason why they are making losses every year, I also do not agree on your point of view on how big company reponds to the compaints they received. I personally worked in a MNC before and truly understand the importance of putting attention into small details, especially when you are in the service industry. IMHO.
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I do not know why they are loosing money/making losses every year, but unless the complaint is big enough to make any disruptions or can be costly then leaders even if they are emailed most likely will not receive the email and wont have a chance to look at it when they have other areas to focus on, if it doesn't affect them or the way the business is run then it is what is called "time loss" where they could have been using that time to strengthen the product or service and letting the more "minor" things be dealt with by people who work for them

There are many forms of business structures, it seems that Malaysian Airlines structure is one that separates the customer from areas that are not directly related to the product.

Small details are usually done by an individual department that is supposed to specialize in an area, in your case it should be the customer service department, and it isn't the leaders/ceo's who look at the small picture, they look at the large and future picture, the higher someone goes in a company the chances are the less customer based it is, and the more of a future profitable goal and direction it is, so complaints are not read for the most part

at least that is what i believe

I used to live in Singapore (still travel there) and have flown Malaysian and Singapore, Singapore is a much better airline in my experiences and while there are some things they need to fix there are more issues with other airlines
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I did contact their customer service and nothing has been done also. I totally agree with you about Singapore airline is much better airline. By the way, I understand that the CEO is very busy and I do not expect him to know every single complaint but just wish to bring this matter to his attention and at least he knows how these people under him work.
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Dear Mars,

I guess I just have to prove you wrong, after posting the compalint to several online forum I managed to grab the attention from one of their senior management to respond to me. At least now i know my perssistancy did not go in vain. Yes, you are not the only one who is showing me all the negative advice and encourage me to stop pursuing the matter.
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Angry Not a five star airline

1. Their website is a mess. You cannot always see which flights are available. Then when you look for information on a basic written synopsis of films, all you get is a synopsis of one or two and video trailers. Where is a basic text synopsis on all films showing on a flight if someone does not wish to watch the videos? Where is the information indicating if breakfast, lunch and/or dinner will be served on the flight? Try checking online for over a day only to be told their site has technical errors. Their site has had various technical errors for years.

2. Some of their customer service agents are appalling. One gave me attitude and told me that the links to the trailers work. Who said they did not? I asked for a text document with the synopses. This same person told me the website did indicate which meals were served. She sent me a link. All that the link indicates is that a flight has at least one meal. It does not indicate how many or whether these are breakfast, lunch or dinner. Another agent told me they could not check me in telephonically when the website kept refusing. A third agent told me they could check me in telephonically and said that she had done so. Who knows what will happen when I arrive at the airport.

3. They changed one of the flight numbers without telling me. This is not ahuge inconvenience as the flight time has not changed, but why did they not communicate this? I have a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manila. I found out one day before leaving that Malaysia Airlines had unilaterally put me onto a much later flight. They did not cancel the first one - they are still selling tickets for it. I had booked and paid in February for a flight in December. What gives them the right to push me onto a flight that leaves about five hours later? I do not even know yet if they have also pushed my companion to the same later flight. The service agent insisted I had booked the later flight even though I have a physical ticket in front of me for the earlier flight. I had to phone the travel agent so they could try to fight with Malaysia Airlines. I am supposed to be getting all sorts of things ready today. Instead I am sending e-mails to all and sundry to try to get a response so that Malaysian Airlines will fix their botch up. Tomorrow I leave for Kuala Lumpur and then Manila.

Malaysian Airlines is clearly nothing like a five star airline.

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