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Default Slam the door in your face

I have flown AA/AE for many years but this time they may have lost my business. On occasion I have made connections at O’Hare when my incoming flight arrived moments before my connection departed. If it is only a matter of a few minutes my connection will wait because they know I am on the way. AA/AE could not care less. Last night (Aug. 8, 2011) at O’Hare my flight from Kansas City arrived just before my connection to Columbus departed. They know when a plane arrives. They knew I was on the way from only four gates down the line. Yet they slammed the door closed seconds before I got to the gate. A girl on my same flight broke into tears. On top of that AA/AE had us both pay for our hotel rooms for the low discount rate of $65 plus tax (it’s the weather’s fault of course). What a deal. When I asked they’re response was, “We don’t hold planes.” Really! I’m going to find an airline that does – at least one lousy minute.
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Why are you scheduling your flights so close together? If your initial flight is late, that's one thing, but if you aren't leaving at least an hour between flights, this is more your fault than the airline. So they should hold the plane, making those passengers already on board late, so you can try to catch a flight you probably lost your seat on?
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The flight I came in on was over an hour late. AA said the connection would be an hour late departing O'Hare and that we could make it. It didn't. It apparently left close to on time. I don't think I'm expecting that much. Two minutes. That wouldn't of made any difference in the scheme of things. It wouldn't have been as bad if there was another flight out later. This was the last fight out for the night. I'm sure they have plenty of reasons why they didn't wait. I get that. My point is they had the opportunity to help three customers and chose not to do it. Simple as that. No one's at fault. But lesson learned: never again book the last flight out of O'Hare. It's guaranteed to be late.
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Sorry the flight was late, but here's the problem. Usually at 15-30 minutes before departure, a given flight is closed, and anyone on standby are given the seats not filled by those who didn't show up. So you very likely would not have had a seat waiting for you anyway.

The problem is not that they didn't hold the flight, it's that your first flight was late.
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There is no American Airlines advantage anymore.. even their Advantage miles dont deserve the title of ´mile´since it takes so many to be of use.
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I hate to say it, but you if you are searching for an airline that will hold flights like that, you will never stop searching.

If there are a large number of connecting passengers then they will hold. But for a few, they won't. There has been such an emphasis on on time performance that they won't hold those connections.

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