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Thumbs down Connecting Seat Cancelled - Boarding Refused

I arrived at the gate A19 in Atlanta with a ticketed confirmed seat issued less than two hours earlier in Jacksonville, NC. My ticket was scanned and erred. Keep in mind the doors were not closed. The agent indicated I was cancelled and allowed standby passengers to board. I was told to go to customer service. I was later told by a passenger that witnessed this that another passenger in the same situation was allowed to board afterward. As it turns out, the plane left with available seats. I have also found out that the Delta system autoamtically cancels seats if it deems insufficient time between legs to make the connection. As a frequent traveller, I am horrified by this practice and further horrified by the gate agent's lack of knowledge and clear protocol to handle this when it occurs. I am a US Air Chairman and as a sky miles member for years and will share this experience with my network of road warriors unless there is a clear statement from Delta on the correct protocol in this situation with
consequences to gate agents who fail to follow this protocol.
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I am a US Air Chairman
What the heck is this?

Delta routinely treat their passengers shabbily. I am a bit shocked as a sky miles member for years that you have not noticed this!!
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A US Air Chairman is the highest preferred status in US Air. To qualify you must accummulate 100,000 miles or 120 flight segments in the plan year. As a well experienced traveller I have not as yet encountered a system that will autmatically cancel a seat when the connection is deemed to close.
BTW-Poor service in the airline industry is the standard. Delta is particularly adept at meeting this standard.
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Good grief Michael, if you are having to travel extensively on US Airways and DeltaI feel very sorry for you... either that or you are a glutton for punishment!

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