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Default AA Ripped me off & left me stranded!!!

I've probably flown 400-500 times in my life and I've never been so mistreated by an airline, as I was by American last week.

It all started with a broken down Carnival Cruise ship that arrived to Miami port over 4 hours late. Knowing this would cause me to miss my AA flight from Miami to OKC (via Dallas), I called AA to see if I could be moved to a later flight. AA reservations tells the wife and I that we will have to pay an additional $2,050 to get onto the next flight, That's on top of the $600 I already paid. HOLY COW, WHAT!?!?! that's $150 per person to change the ticket, $25 per person for the luxury of talking to a person at AA, and $850 extra per person for extra airfare. AA reservations guy says if we dont pay that, they cannot get us on another flight out of miami until the following Tuesday (this was Saturday morning). Being desperate, and maybe a little stupid, we pulled out the CC and paid.

As luck would have it, the flight from Miami to Dallas was 2 hours late due to weather in Dallas. Ok no problem that means our connecting flight is probably delayed getting out of Dallas to OKC so we should be ok. While waiting we run into several other Carnival Cruisers that "just showed up late" to the airport and were able to get seats on the same flight we paid the additional $2,050. What a rip, I'm responsible and so I get the shaft, while the irresponsible people get "taken care of"...

So we arrive in Dallas about 15 minutes before our connecting flight and find out they CANCELLED our connecting flight. By this time the weather is passed, it's clear and dry, so weather shouldn't be an issue, however the desk agents as well as the phone agents cannot tell us why it's cancelled. Both desk and phone agents refuse to put us up in a hotel room, and claim that there are no seats available until Tuesday (by now it's Saturday night). This is just not acceptable! We live 200 miles from Dallas so we asked if they would reimburse for a rental care and we would drive home.... NOPE! Well I'm not taking the risk of sitting in an airport 3 days when I'm only 200 miles away so we got the car and drove.

So ultimately I paid $2,650 for "coach" tickets and still couldn't get home and ended up having to rent a one-way car at another $225 just to get home! I've made several complaints, requests, pleas with AA customer service to help us out on the deal and they refuse. They say that the $350 change fees are non-refundable and they refuse to budge. After shelling out $2,650 on COACH tickets, they will only refund back $99 for the unused portion of the ticket. I think this is completely unreasonable on their part. Their official ruling for why the flight was cancelled was "Due to weather". LIES, it was perfectly clear and dry all the way from Dallas to OKC.

Anyone think I might have a leg to stand on with a credit card dispute? Or maybe someone can suggest another means of going after them for this?
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Sadly, this is a case of being legally correct, but morally wrong. AA have treated you very badly and the message they are sending is that if you act responsibly, you will be punished. One of the major problems with airlines is how often you are at the whim of the attitude of one particular employee. The first agent was outrageous, but sadly once they have your money, they will do anything to keep it.

If an airline makes an unreasonable demand it is often worth hanging up and calling back. If you get a different agent, you can often get a different attitude.

I have read in other posts that AA takes a very aggressive approach to weather delays and often cancels and flight rather than delay the flight. I suspect this is to allow them to absolve themeselves of any responsibility for the passengers.

The only way to sort this is to re-regulate the airlines. They are outrageous.
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Yea we actually thought about hanging up and calling back to get someone else. Unfortunately we were on a cruise ship and it took us trying for about 7 hours to get a free line because everyone else on the ship was trying to do the same thing. I'm going to let my credit card company decide what happens on this, and I'll live with their ruling. I'm sure it makes no difference whatsoever to AA, but I'll do absolutely EVERYTHING in my power to never fly on AA again. Shouldn't be too hard, there's plenty of competition.
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Default flight cancellations due to underbooking...

anyone know if any airline has been caught frequently cancelling flight s that are thinly booked ?

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