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Thumbs down denied boarding

this was outrageous, the rude and obnoxious attendant was sitting and talking on the cell phone drinking a pop and said; oh the desk is close and you cannot get on the flight its too late .The plane sat on the runway another 30 minutes loading passengers my parents were frantic and could do nothing they weren't able to reason with anyone or couldn't even get the manager or the PILOTS do let us board the plane. We had to spend another $1000.00 to get on us air ,who were atleast sympathic, I am so shocked that an airline can possibly have people, who are not in the customer help department, work for them and expect it to prosper . If you notice no one wears name tags. If Spirit air was smart they would fire those three women one named Charlotte and one was pregnant and the other had blue and red eye shadow The trip to St Thomas was for a wedding which was great but the help at St Thomas spirit air booth couldn't have been worse We are contacting every one we can to get our money back for the flight home flight # 212 from St Thomas to FLL dec. 11 2010
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this is outrageous, this complaint is written in barely comprehensible english with practically no grammer and certainly no structure which makes it very hard to understand and makes the reader frantic but the reader is unable to do anything about it because the PERSON who wrote it do not appear to know what a period is for and as a result the person reading the complaint regardless of their eye shadow has no real chance of understanding what the hell this complaint is about except that it involved a wedding in st thomas someone called charlotte and someone with very bad taste in eye liner anyway hope that helps
Old Dec 20, 2010, 6:18 PM
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I would be scared boarding a plane on the runway Jim according to Cosmo wearing blue and red eyeshadow is the new look for spring 2011 I saw red eyeshadow at Debenhams
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Unhappy Condor Airline

I've not ever been humiliated, embarrassed by flight crew like this in my all life before. I still have nightmares about their special costumer care . I'm waking up, with tears in my eyes :'(. I have to see my therapist, in order to fight my agoraphobia problems, which the lovable Condor crew gave to me. condorairlinesreviews @ com I've never been treated like this before.
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Oh Brother!!! If you wake with tears in your eyes perhaps an antihistamine would help
Old Dec 26, 2012, 7:09 AM
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How many minutes prior to departure time did you arrive at the counter?
Old Dec 26, 2012, 7:10 AM
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Didn't notice this was resurrected from 2010...

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