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Default Urine Soaked Luggage

I flew from LAS to MDW on June 30th. After waiting at the luggage carousel for over 40 minutes, my bag never showed up. Once everyone else had received their luggage and left, I began to look for mine. I found it sitting in a corner near the "Oversized Luggage" area (It was not oversized). No one bothered to inform me it would be over there, or that anything amiss had happened. When I found the bag, the entire front was wet with URINE and little white bits which appeared to be tissue paper, and it REEKED.

I have no idea how this could possibly happen. I took the ruined bag to the customer service area and they gave me a cheap replacement bag. They also gave me a check which barely replaces the ruined bag (this was my fault as I did not know the value of the bag at the time -- it was a friend's that I had borrowed). And there was a line of people gawking in the public area where I had to transfer all of my personal belongings out of the pee-soaked bag into the replacement bag. That was so humiliating. How does something like this even happen????

I am at a loss as to how this could possibly happen? Was this done on purpose? Nothing from Southwest on how this could have happened to my bag. There was one other gentleman whose bag was similarly ruined, but he left the airport without filing a complaint. I am still completely distraught and I will be writing to HQ to demand an explanation and to replace some of the personal items that I can not possibly use again without being disgusted.
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Southwest?? I don't know, but, to me, they always seemed like one of the best airlines in the world with the best customer service. I'm pretty sure the airline or one of its employees is not at fault, though. Chicago is a big city, and there are plenty of sick people in big cities, so I guess it could've happened with any other airline. Probably some sicko did that to the bag and then put it into the oversized bag area, giving him time to escape before you found out.

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