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Default Etihad : Theft of Valuable Items; No update on claim - Disgusting Experience !!!

Etihad Airways [RQID:1081​33] -- No update on claim, expect minimum mail etiquette from leading airline (supposedly) !!!

Please see the issue detailed below. Happened three months back - only respone i received was to send in the claim details, which i did and since then there is no response!! I have been reaching out Mrs. Chance and Dima [Baggage claims] through emails with out any success.

I'm Naveenkumar working at reputed consulting IT firm in the United States. Writing this mail to you in utter distress, disgust and frustration following a horrific experience with my families[Spouse/Kid] Jewellery stolen during the course of our flight on EY 150 [ORD - AUH] checked in/boarded on 18th Aug at Chicago, EY 286 [AUH - BLR] checked in / boarded 19th at Abu Dhabi.

Detailed below is the course of Event:

We have been travelling from US to Bangalore since 2007 and had travelled with Lufthansa, British, United, American Airlines previously. But as fate would have it we wished to travel by Etihad for the first time for a new experience and via Abu Dhabi ( we have never been to) and also it fitted our budget.

Had my tickets booked through CWT (CarlsonWagonlit, US) for travel from Omaha, NE in the US to Bangalore. India for 18th August. We were actually scheduled for two days earlier travel by Lufthansa. We checked in from Omaha through American Airlines, as AA is the carrier until Chicago. We had one of our 6 checkin bags paid for exccess baggage fee of $50 and AA had them direct check in until Bangalore. In Chicago, at Etihad checkin we realised that two of our cabin bags weighed in excess. The Etihad counter representative insisted on checking the two cabin bags adjusting the excess weight in an additional person bags which we were permited to carry and pay a total of $100. Each of these cabin bags where paid for $50 and made checkin bags. Please note that i had to run for a new personal bag and with my kid having vomitted and feeling really low due to air sickness, little did me and my wife realise that a Jewellery box was also among the cabin bags that just went in as check in bags. The counter representative also didnt check with us or remind us if we had any expensive/valuable item that we should be carrying in our personal bag.
One more thing had we known this predicament earlier at AA counter in Omaha we would have adjusted it in our excess bag already paid for. But that was not to be.

We realised it only when we had crossed over security clearance and Believe it or not we were praying to our Gods that the our Jewellery remain safe. But our worst fears had to come true when we reached bangalore as we immediately checked thruough our checked in Cabin Bags.

At the outset we respect the baggage policies at Etihad and duely paid the amount. Having travelled overseas couple times also realise that we should have reminded oursleves about the valuables in the cabin bags. But having said that did not anticipate the last moment reshuffle at Etihad checkin at Chicago, running for bag and with a sick kid and also never had a cabin bag being checked in over the last five years of our travel. The least i would have expected the counter representataive was to enquire with us if we had made sure our valubales were put into personal bag before it was checked in.

Now to realise that i had also paid up extra money and complied to check in, only to eventually lose our most expensive items is causing lots of embarassement, distress and frustration. Please note that the Red Jewellery case was opened and each Jewelery item were Stolen and the case was kept back empty. The Case had 'Pavithra Jewellery' name written over it in English/Malayalam Language. Also note that i had my Canon DSLR camera as well, but it was left intact and also there were other small ear ring and a gold chain, but fortunately they were put in random cases stacked underneath in the bag and where left untouched. It appears that who ever has picked it was knowing what exactly he was looking for and the Jewelery case was easily identified and cleaned up. As normal there was no lock on the cabin bag.

Kindy note the Jewelery items lost incldues my kids Necklase which was purchased as a gift around two years back as a gift for her birthday. SO the huge monetory loss apart, there is lots of emotional attachment as well. These Jewelery were purchased in India in the span of last few years when we were on our visit to our Parents here.

I had spent apprx. 2 Lakhs India Rupees to purchase these item over the span of last few years. Few of them i have the original bill and a couple of them unfortunately i do not have.

On reaching Bangalore and realising that our Jewelleries were stolen immediately alerted the Ground Staff. Met with Mr. Jose (Security Co-ordinator) and explained our terrible loss. Had handed over a similar written complaint to him. The Ground staff had taken the pictures of my Black cabin bag and the Red Jewelery case (which is emptied). Mr. Jose and his members explained that they would send in the complaint from their end with the pictures taken.

Sir, With all the technological security equipments, CCTV etc i would plead your help in recovering my lost Jewelery. I hope Etihad with a Global reputation on all front will sincerely hear and respond positively to my situation at the earliest. If there is any other personnel that i need to each out to, please let me know.

Please note : This was reported through email on Aug 20, 2012 with details of Jewellery stolen from the case to [email protected] and [email protected]

But there has been no response to the claims.

Following this horrific experience, i have informed my firm and the travel agency and also uploaded the incident in our internal blog!!!

Least i would wish people should be aware what they can expect at Etihad counter in Chicago and do not go through my situation ........

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Firstly I am sorry to hear about this situation. I have been in a similar situation with another airline and I thought I maybe able to give you some information and advice that could help you.

Now as far as I am aware when luggage is checked-in even though the airline have taken it from you in the law for Airlines and Air Travel it states that the airline will not be responsible for it, which I totally disagree with.

Now In my situation I lost a full 20KG bag full of clothes, gifts, jewellery and other such items. This happened a few years ago and still to this date I have not received the bag but I did receive compensation in money from the airline for the loss of the bag.

Now I filled in a claims form and sent it away, got no reply, I phoned about it and was told to send in another by fax to the office in my local area (the nearest was in London, England as i'm from England) Now I still got nothing back from this aswell and sent them an e-mail stating if they didn't deal with my case properly and in a time scale of 2 weeks, which I think is sufficient enough, I will be going through a solicitor who will deal with it for me.

I went to my solicitor who sent the airline a letter on my behalf with my case details and within a few weeks I had a cheque for the compensation from my solicitor who took a small fee for his troubles.

I would suggest that you call the Airline and speak to a manager, every person you speak to, note down there name, department and the time and date for your records. Advise them if your problem isn't responded to or resolved within a time frame that suits you (say 2 or 3 weeks) then you will be going to a solicitor.

I hope this information and advice has been helpful and I hope you get your goods back or money as compensation for your losses.

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Angry Disappointed

I can understand what you feel. I had my valuables stolen too!

It was my first time to travel with Etihad but definitely the last! I would say it is the biggest mistake to fly with them when there are so many other airlines to travel with! I have been flying a minimum of 4 times a year for the past 35 years or so with various airlines, all over the world and not once have I lost anything. Until, of course I flew with Etihad Airways.

My jewelry was stolen from my bag. To add insult to injury, the staff were not even co-operative to write out the complaint! It was quickly dismissed as the items were stolen from Kenya. In my personal opinion an airline like Etihad should be ashamed after all the complaints they have regarding the stolen items reputation! If only I had bothered to read the airline review before I booked the flight! Let me assure you, all these passengers who wrote about stolen items from their bags did not travel from Kenya but had Etihad as the common airline! They also need to educate their staff on dealing with irate passengers! It would at least, if nothing, allow one to calm down.

I had traveled for a wedding and had to attend it without my jewelry which held sentimental value to me. All gone! Writing to [email protected] does not help, because there is no response!

The National Airline of UAE should know that in UAE theft is not taken lightly, but of course the National Airline forgot!
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