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COMPLAINT: Destroyed my Career

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Old Aug 10, 2016, 7:10 PM
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I just lost a $75,000 year job, and a chance to relocate from Indiana to FLorida due to Delta Airlines Power Outage. Nobody from Delta was considerate enough to let me know until I got to the airport that the flight had been canceled, and that they wouldn't be able to book me on a later flight. If Delta could have notified me Monday, or Tuesday morning before I got to the airport in Indy, that I wasn't going to be able to fly, i would have had time to make other arrangements. I may have been a little rushed getting to my destination, but at that point i didn't have time to make other arrangements within the time frame that they decided to give me. I don't know how anyone running this show can be so inconsiderate to people, and not care as to how they are effecting their lives. I had to burn the last of my vacation time through my current employer in Indiana just to make it to Florida, which was going to be a quick trip to accept the job, complete a drug screen, complete paperwork and fly back to Indiana to turn in my two week notice. The flight was booked through the company that was flying me to Florida, and i didn't have enough money at that moment to book a flight with another airlines. When i contacted the HR Manager at the Job site that i was going to, she sounded really disappointed that i wouldn't be able to get there, and decided not to bother booking another flight. I contacted the company again when I returned home, and they wouldn't discuss anything with me pertaining to the job. All that they would tell me is they would contact me if another job opportunity becomes available in the future. I'm considering talking to an attorney to find out if there is anything that i can do legally. I didn't sign another lease with my landlord, and have to be out of my house in two weeks, because someone else is going to be moving in. I don't have anywhere else to go currently. I had already made arrangements for housing in Florida that I don't know if I can get out of after signing the lease agreement already. I'm in a real bind now.
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Old Aug 10, 2016, 10:17 PM
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Power outage = no computers = nobody got notified because there were no computers to tell who to notify.

By the way I would like to hear how you lawsuit goes.
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