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Old Apr 8, 2016, 12:07 PM
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The first time I decided to fly Delta Airlines in May 2010 my experience was not a pleasant one due to flight delays my husband and I missed our 10-year anniversary festivities by the time we arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada. I expressed my concerns and disappointment via the customer feedback email I received after my trip, but unfortunately a Delta representative never contacted me or never apologized. Fast forward six years later and I decided to let bygones be bygones and booked a trip via Delta again to San Antonio, Texas for my niece’s BMT graduation at Lackland, AFB.
I was traveling with my two sisters (Doreane Ward and Jessica Rice) and my sister’s boyfriend (Jerome Pinckney) who is deaf and was flying for the first time. The flight from Charleston, SC to Detroit, MI on 03/23/2016 went smoothly and we were scheduled to fly to San Antonio via a connecting flight. Per the boarding pass, the plane starting boarding at 7:36 pm and the departure time was 8:06 pm and because we decided to get something to eat prior to the flight proved to be detrimental. We arrived at the gate at 8:00 pm to find the 8:06 pm departure flight was long gone and on its way to San Antonio without us. There were a few things we could not understand, first of all, why did the plane depart before it’s actual departure time? Why while we were on the plane in Charleston prior to take off we were actually waiting on individuals to board? Why upon leaving San Antonio and heading to Atlanta, GA we waited about 15 minutes for passengers to board who were also late? How do you determine which passengers are priority? Why would a plane leave earlier than the actual departure time?
Not only were we completely heartbroken but our disappointment grew even more when we learned that missing our flight was going to cause a spiral of unpleasant events beyond our control. We were thrown for a loop when we learned missing our flight meant “changing” our flight per Delta and it would cost $200 per person to make the change. Not only were we told there would be a $200 change fee, but we also had to purchase another ticket to fly to San Antonio that would cost each individual approximately $700 - $900 per person. I am not a frequent flyer, but I would have never thought missing a flight would cause us to buy another ticket which ended up costing each of us $500 but only because your Customer Service Representative, Valentine empathized with our situation and waived a portion of the fee. To add more disappointment to our situation, we were told there were no other flights leaving for San Antonio, which caused us to spend the night at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and realizing that we would be missing the first leg of my niece’s USAF BMT graduation was even more devastating. Only two individuals in our group were able to secure a flight the next morning and unfortunately, my sister along with her deaf boyfriend were unable to get seats together (she was his interpreter and they had to travel together) on the same flight until 3:00 pm later that day.
I spoke with several of your employees and either some of your employees are not aware of your policy or believe that you need to revisit or amend your policy. The Delta agent that waived the fee, both of the flight attendants (Jeanine and Beth) on the rebooked flight to San Antonio as well as every employee we asked that we encountered during our travel. They were able to empathize with us because most of them were in a similar situation and were just placed on the next available flight at no additional out of pocket cost. But each and every one of your employees encouraged us to contact Delta directly because they could not believe that this is your policy and we must have been misinformed.
Because of our missed connection flight, we missed day one of my niece’s BMT Graduation, we ended up having to sleep in an airport, we still don’t understand why the plane departed five minutes earlier than scheduled and the extra cost put a great financial strain on all of our pockets. We had no alternative but to purchase another ticket or we would have been stuck in Detroit indefinitely. Your policy leaves no wiggle room for your customers it’s a do or die situation and the customer is forced to buy another ticket. Delta “gets you there”, just make sure you don’t miss your flight…Delta “is ready when you are”, just make sure you are ahead of their schedule…Delta “good goes around” after our fiasco with this trip, we have yet to see the good in your company. I never received a response from Delta back in 2010 and my hopes of getting a response back in this situation remain the same.

Disgruntled Passenger
Carolyn Rice-Chambers
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Old Apr 8, 2016, 2:31 PM
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Let me tell you something.. If you show up at the gate 6 minutes before departure you won't get on ANY plane with ANY airline.. "For domestic flights, you must be at the boarding gate at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure time". This is from Delta and is the same policy for ALL airlines.

There is always to be a lot of paperwork involving aircraft weight and balance BEFORE the plane can leave the gate.. That means they can't let you on 5 minutes before departure and then start working out the new weight and balance numbers and this has to be completed before the aircraft can depart the gate. Go to ANY airlines complaints page and you will find it LOADED with people complaining that they arrived at the gate 6 minutes before departure and were denied boarding. PLUS they are all loaded with the SAME people complaining that they got charged a rebooking fee.

if you are not going to fly Delta again then you had best not fly ANY airline. They ALL have the same policies
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Old Apr 8, 2016, 2:59 PM
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That would have been perfectly acceptable if we had not waited for other customers to board on the flights we did not miss....again who determines it is okay to wait or leave earlier than the departure time?
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Old Apr 9, 2016, 2:09 PM
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My flight to Las Vegas yesterday pushed of the gate 3 minutes early but the flight was fully boarded and the doors closed well before that, and NOBODY was going to get on that plane after the closed the doors Its likely that they delayed the other flight due to air traffic control or the late arrival of an inbound flight with a lot of connecting pasengers on it. Late departures cause a lot of problems with air traffic control and other issues. Just because one flight was delayed due to an unknown reason does not mean that the airline should be forced to delay EVERY flight for EVERY passenger who just assumes that the rules dont apply to them and just show up late at the gate expecting everyone to be inconvenience by their actions. I'm sorry that you missed your flight and suffered all the consequences but its not fair to blame the airline and then claim THEY owe you something because THEY screwed up when its YOU that caused the problem by ingnoring their requirements.

As another thing we have long tried to get airlines to list the LATEST time that you can ARRIVE AT THE GATE to board the flight instead of the time that they intend to push off of the gate, which really is not what passengers need to know. We don't CARE what time you intend to push off the gate what we need is a latest arrival time at the gate. They might just as well publish what time they intend to be WHEELS up for all the good that would do for passengers. Passngers what to know what time to ARRIVE AT THE GATE. That way these sort of problems won't occur.
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Old Apr 9, 2016, 4:02 PM
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The flight left early....yes, it's my fault for trusting in the time frame they gave me to get to the departure gate. But apparently Delta realized their error and they are working to reimburse me.
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