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Old Mar 17, 2010, 3:48 PM
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Please find below my story and please adivce that I am doing right thing or not?

Iím writing to report an incident that occurred during my flight from Washington Dulles International Airport to Orlando International Airport on JetBlue Flight #: 331on March 6th, 2010. I really like flying JetBlue and have travelled several times with them for their generosity and best price, but this recent incident, which involved my bags which was delivered late which ruined my wedding plans I and my family including an infant were to attend at the final destination has spurred me to file a formal complaint and obtain monetary compensation for the on-spot purchase of Indian wedding garments to attend the wedding the same afternoon and evening for my grievance.

We realized after much waiting and the airline baggage claim personnel notifying that all the bags are out on the belt from the above mentioned flight. We went to the JetBlue baggage claim office to see what seems to be the problem. After checking with airline baggage system and some other airline baggage personals the Baggage Claim personnel (Mrs. Maria) found that our bag did not make it in the same flight as we were, and itís still at the origin airport (Washington Dulles International Airport). I had 3 bags checked in and only 2 made it to the destination (Orland International Airport). I also paid $30 for the extra baggage. Additionally, the bag that we didnít receive had my wifeís and infantís wedding dresses for wedding that we were to attend on the same afternoon and evening. My wife busted after hearing from the Mrs. Maria that our bag wonít make it to us until late night. Mrs. Maria was helpful and told us that Jet Blue will reimburse for any incurred expenses for the delayed baggage and moreover the loss of time and frustration we went through. To added frustration, since we are not from Orlando and not aware of the Indian garment retail stores we had to go through several channels to find names and address to purchase Indian wedding garments for the wedding to attend that same day.

I do ask that you consider the loss of my time, the frustration, how uncomfortable and the significant impact this situation had on our not attending the wedding ceremonies on time. Basically, it ruined the trip which was followed by 1 week vacation within same trip. I ask that you compensate me with the monetary funds that we spent in shopping for the wedding garments. The outcome of this matter will determine the future of our current group, university and personal travel with [Delta] airline.

Under the federal rule of the U.S. Transportation Department, I am entitled to receive compensation from you for my delayed baggage which I incurred expenses for the items in included receipts (Indian wedding garments and silver jewelry) in amount of $1200. I therefore calculate my loss as $1200.
I look forward to receiving a reasonable offer of compensation from you within the next fourteen days.

Please contact me before April 5th to confirm that my requests will be honored. If I do not hear from you by then, I will report this incident to the appropriate agencies and newspapers, U.S. Department of Transportation,, and Washington Post, respectively.

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Old Mar 17, 2010, 6:13 PM
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The airline does not have to compensate you for your Indian garments. Look at your conditions of contract. The times stated are only a guide and the times do not form part of the contract. You made it to Orlando and so did your bags. If your bag made it on a later flight, that's no ground for complaint. If it was that important to you for your wedding clothes to reach that day, then you may have Fedexed it separately, or insured it, so you could have claimed against the insurance for the replacement items.

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Old Mar 19, 2010, 8:57 AM
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although with the new DOT mandate, airlines can no longer cap the amount that is reimbursed to you, nor can they deny reimbursment for the first 24 hours. but the DOT states that reasonable expenses must be paid. I don't think that anyone would consider buying Silver a reasonable expense.
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