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Angry refused to check in luggage

We wanted to check in at Frankfurt Airport so we went to the continetal check in whitch was accupied by Lufthansa Personal and already got greeted rudly. We gave the lady our paperwork for the tickets and my husband showed his Military ID so we would not have problems with the Luggage since we were aloud 3 per person so we had 7 luggage to check in since we were 3 ppl flying. So the lady told us that we cant check all of that in that we are just aloud one a person since he didnt have a travel document. On the Continental website it states clearly that Military personal and there dependents are aloud to take 3 luggaes each up to 70lbs no word about a paper we need. I even called after i booked the tickets on what he needs and all they told me was his ID. So this lady was arguing with us and wanted to charge us 200 euro per luggage extra. She demanded this paper and didnt wanted to hear anything else about it. So she just let us take 4 out of courtesy and finished us up gave us the paperwork and went on to the next person. SO we were stuck with 3 unchecked boxes that werent checked in. Gladly my parents droped us off at the airport and so they got stuck on taking them boxes back home. Now we have to send them via mail whitch will coast a fortune. SO i got on the phone yesterday with continental here in the US and they were very surprised to hear about that and that the lady in frankfurt is missinformed. It was a continenatl flight so the rules and regulations should be the same in any country. Even on the german continental website it stated the same with the luggage no paperwork needen. Yet even though continental is very sorry about that no one is willing to help or reimburse us for the extra money we have to spend to get our belongings back. Its a shame.
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From Continental's website:

"Active U.S. military personnel and their accompanying dependents, not traveling on official business get up to three checked bags free."

The Lufthansa personnel manning the Continental desk obviously did not know this, and you should pursue a complaint against Continental through the DOT.
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Get the quotes for the refused bags. Write to Continental and tell them they were in breach of contract. Your agreement was that you had 3 free bags and what your consequential damages are for the breach. (Don't inflate them..just the cost of shipping the bags to the US by the most economic method). Then advise them you will file in small claims court if they do not reimburse you within 30 days. They may bluster and refuse..but if you file, they will back down and reimburse you. It is rare that the Terms and Conditions help the passenger, but here it is in black and white. You will win if you sue in small claims. It is easy and costs very little. You will get your costs back. Do NOT accept vouchers or miles..they are not worth it and often have so many conditions they cannot be redeemed.
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Thank you both very much for your input i knew i wasnt in the wrong. We are going to ask them to give us the money back that we have to pay to send our stuff back. I do also wanna write the BBB and see if they can do anything before it would have to go to court. Again Thank you very much for the input. I appreciate that.
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In my experience the airlines are not responsive to BBB complaints, but you no harm in trying!!

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