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Default Air India, Sorry excuse for an airline.

They have been in busness for more than 30 years and still cannot get thier act togehter. they are a shame to India and how little they value customer satisfaction., having been a monopoly in the Indian market for a long time, and now unable to compete with private carriers and needed to be bailed out by the Indian Govt.. The story I relate below has impacted other eldrely people on the same flight in the same way. It would have been funny if it were a movie, and weren't for the real people who were put through the distress.

I had booked 2 tickets for my aged Parents 70 and 75, Mumbai Chicago-Mumbai return tickets. Chicago-Mumbai on 31st October 2010 was the return flight. They had harrowing experiences during their flight back to Mumbai (India).

To begin with, first, the flight No.126, which was Chicago-Frankfurt-Mumbai was re-scheduled via Delhi and transferred to AI 102 by domestic flight to Mumbai. No prior information was given to us.

In spite of the request for wheel chair arrangement, no arrangement for wheel chair was made at Delhi Airport causing great unspeakable pain to my mother. Shockingly, there was not a single soul or staff to guide them after stepping out of the plane, after waiting in vain for nearly 30-45 minutes for a wheel chair promised by the on-board purser. The connecting flight AI-102 which had to be boarded, was nearly 1.5 to 2 kms away. My mother, who has been medically advised to refrain from walking more than 100 yards, was in severe pain after that walk to the gate. I am exploring options for intervention by US courts for reimbursement of any medical expenses due to the airline’s negligence. She might likely need an operation due to aggravated injury to the knee.

Unbelievably, no information whatsoever was available at the exit point of the plane. No signs, no directions, no staff.

Also, at Mumbai, 4 different answers were given to my brother on enquiring about the Flight status and the pick up party was totally mislead by the staff. I feel we are being taken for granted.
  • The FLT has gone to Hyderabad.
  • Flight has landed at Delhi. But we have no information whether it has taken off. Will know only after it has taken-off.
  • Sorry, we do not have any info.
  • Call center said FLT 102 took off at 1900 hrs and landed at 2100 hrs. Both were the flight schedules timings from the web site and totally unconnected to the reality of the situation.
c.c. to 1. Shri . Arvind Jadhav – Chairman & Managing Director of Air-India.(There is no email for this person on the Air India Web site, The contact page on the Air India web site was non-functional as of the date of this letter)
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Air India is THE worst airline, even topping delta imo. they are awful. they actually told a coworker and myself that "we are not important as their passengers" excuse me, but i am a full fare paying customer, that makes me a passenger. i hated their attitudes of some of the flight crews, their planes smelled, seats were awful etc. we always flew the ORD-FRA to get to LEJ for our company and we were thrilled when we found out AI was no longer doing the ord-fra run. we filed so many complaints about that airline with them plus our travel department and finally we received the good news that we would no longer be flying them

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