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Default Lost all my 3 luggage with Royal Air Maroc. Any similar case?

Royal Air Maroc sucks...And keep loosing peaple luggage...That's what they do all over Africa...I didn't know...and learned it the hard way.

I travelled with Royal Air Maroc, on Monday 15 April, from JFK to Casablanca and Casablanca to Yaounde. I had 3 suitcases. They made me pay $250 extra. None of my luggage ever arrived and the company is not really helping. I have spent two weeks abroad going to the airport to wait every Royal Air Maroc flight, and going to the Agency in midtown every day. None of my luggage was ever found. I eventually returned to JFK/NYC via Casablanca again. It has been now about 4 weeks. I do not hear from Royal Air Maroc. And still not hear from my luggage despite my claim. Each airport sens me to the other one. Meanwhile Royal Air Maroc, got my money...and just lost my 3 suitcases like that...
I have never heard that a single passenger lost all his luggage just like that in one day, unless the plane crashed...Anyone elese to join me on my lawsuit file against Royal Air maroc? Any other similar case? Please let me know.

Astrid Medjo
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Default Joining your lawsuit

I can't even speak to anyone, anywhere, regarding my suitcase damage.

I will be happy to join you in a lawsuit; was going to file one anyway. Let me know what you need from me.

[email protected]
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Default Royal Air Maroc

I travel between Africa and Europe each year at an average of 1 business class+1 Eco each year for the family(2 adu+2 CHD) from 2005 till date and used ROyal Air Maroc frequently (FF AT700312410). We are based in Gabon, Central West Africa for the last 8 years.

4 claims later still unanswered/no solution offered according to IATA regulations till date, I stopped using RAM.

=1 lost luggage (we were offered 450USD discount on a next booking but it's my company booking my tickets and its my personal luggage and clothes !#useless)

=1 rerouting to a wrong airport & no luggage at arrival retrieved 3 days later; we were flying my 2 young children and me from Libreville to Brussels over CMN to join my wife who had been evacuated for health reasons earlier on AF. There due to delays on the first leg from LBV our connecting flight had left when arriving in CMN. We were booked / rerouted on the flight to Paris instead, with the explanation the Chef d'Escale would assist us in Paris to reach our final destination as booked.
Not only did we arrive in Orly (regional airport) at 2300 and not Charles de Gaulles but no one was to be spotted and our luggage was not delivered (and no warm clothes). The RAM counter was closed. The shuttle subway was closed too. We had to buy a bus ticket to reach CDG area in cash ourselves, book and pay a night in the Local IBIS hotel and buy a train ticket next day to Brussels (no flights between CDG & BRU).
We arrived brussels the next day (1 day later) and our luggage was delivered 3 days after date. We were never reimbursed.

= 1luggage 2days delayed and no compensation while I was in Europe for meetings ( no suit or change). No answers to the claims filed on this item, no reimbursement offer whatsoever.

= 1 dammaged luggage on arrival in Libreville : a claim was filed. No return on the matter, ever.

I have decided to stop using RAM with my family but will probably have to use their services again one day when no other alternatives are possible.
I still hope to get a minimum refund for all the losses and trouble at least according to IATA regulations.


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Default RAM Never Again

I cannot believe they are still allowed to operate. Are there no laws or regulations regarding their baggage handling?

You are in a much better situation; you actually were able to file a claim. I still have not been able to get a live person, a place to file a claim or a return phone call.

I will never fly with them again.
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Default Claims

I filed claims at the local baggage handling in Libreville for the missing and/ or dammaged bagage. (Independant handling company)
I filed a claim at the local RAM rep agency in Libreville and wrote a hundred times to their claims department in Morocco ( see their website).
I also had my company's travel agents to file a claim.

This last one was able to offer us a stay in the business lounge in Brussels on departure on my last flight last year, but was able to mention me their generous offer only after I had passed the lounge and flew all the way to Casablanca ( in Casablanca of course no one was aware of the compensation)...

In the agency in Libreville (I had to travel by regional plane for this claim) they were able to offer me (after various atempts / meetings / ...) in compensation of my lost luggage a generous discount of 450€ voucher, to use on my next trip.
Not only is this not covering the price of the empty suitcase it is useless as my tickets are paid by my employers while the lost luggage and its content is mine...

Anyway, just another sad story on this website...thank you RAM...

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Default In disbelief!!!!

I flew Royal Air Moroc from NYC to CMN to Agadir. My bags never arrived and I went my entire trip without my things. I spent a good deal of my trip going back and forth to airports and trying to get answers on the phone. After paying so much for a ticket, I am extremely disappointed in the non existent customer service that I have received. Not only does the airline fail to give me any sort of info on the process of how a claim works but they are extremely rude and have even hung up on me after making me hold and transferring me around for more than an hour. I don't have any hope of this issue being resolved without a law suit.

Please contact me if you are interested in filing a group claim.
[email protected]
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Default Re: Royal Air Maroc is the worst

I will be more than pleased to join in this lawsuit as I am planning to file a lawsuit against Royal Air Maroc. I travelled on this airline in December of last year and lost my luggage. The entire claims process has taken over 5 months only to find out that the airline will compensate me with $499! I do not know why they made me waste my time in filling out the claim form and telling them the items I lost and how much they cost if they were planning to give me this amount! I am so angry because I have lost items worth way more than what they have offered me, many of which are irreplaceable and feeling very insulted by their offer!

please contact me and let me know how I can be a part of this effort - [email protected]
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I can't imagine what and how I am going to begin, I been Traveling with this Airline for over 15 Yrs I spend so much $$$$ every year with them even if I always know that they are the worst, but the straight flight and the Great pilots that make me think positive every time until I have a bad experience again and again. This company as everyone knows by now they have the WORST customer service, the MOST arrogant flight attendant they really think they are something, they treat people with disrespect and they are nothing but waiters with no tip
The Lost luggage it happened over and over and over, the way they handle it basically everyone works for this nightmare airline tells you they have no idea and it stops there. I have so many incidents, I lost counts.
The other annoying and scary problem that they have is all aircrafts needed to be refurbished or have new ones; everything is broken and dirty is disgusting.
In December they had passengers sit on the floor because they were over booked and we flew that way I was amazed. I really believe is very dangerous; I really think they should be investigated by the FAA.
Now get this, my 12 yrs old son had to come back from Morocco to JFK on July 27, 2013 by himself and to my understanding he had assistance to accompany him since he is a minor, but it was a mistake on his ticket instead of MN they put Student. Well when my family took him to the airport 3 hours prior to his travel, they were told that he will not have assistance. My uncle offered money and asked for a solution, I called the contact center, the airport I was hanged up on multiple times, of course as a mother I am worried sick about my son but when finally someone talked to me I was told that they don’t care and my 12 yrs old son is an adult and that he is not a minor and there is absolutely nothing that they can do for him. I was in shock.... again I offered money and tried to make sense of all of this. They told my uncle that he can ask one of the passengers (the strangers) to take care of my son and that's the best thing they can do. I was in tears and under a lot of stress all day you can only imagine. I can go on and on but I think you got the picture, I will SUE them for sure and I want to warn People about this nightmare airline please don't travel with them.
My son arrived safe thank God with one of the passenger that took care of him and got him thru customs and got his luggage.
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Angry RAM needs to be exposed!

I flew with this airline on Friday 1/10/2014, and upon arrival at JFK, there were several passengers who were missing luggage. And as I've read in other post, no one is taking responsibility. The number (718-360-8930) we were given to check the status no one answers. You call the American section of the company and they tell you to call the number that no one answers in New York! I'm sure that if I ever get my luggage back there will be items missing. And I hope they're not talking about $448 in reimbursement! Something needs to be done on a major level with this airline! I think there's an organized theft ring working for this airline!
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Angry As today 5/10/16 its over two(2) months.

I traveled from casablanca to new york with two puppies.
I payed so much money for them and when got to new york, i got out and find my puppies in cage sitting unattended and PLUS i coulds find my suite case.
Coz of puppies process and they were hungry and want to do there thing i had to rush to my other destination to virginia, was no time to go make a report.
When i got home in virginia, i called everywhere at R A M even casablanca but no one try to help me get my suite case.
That is not good what happened to my puppies and my suite case and me and its ben sense March 8.
Who m suppose to talk to?
M ready to file a law suit about Rayal Air Maroz
[email protected]
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Default Lawsuit

Hello, my wife and I lost our luggage with Royal Air Maroc this year as well. We traveled from JFK to Casablanca (had to take a bus to Marrakesh our final destination - that's another story); and then returned to NY via Marrakesh-Casablanca-JFK. We traveled in late January and have filed all the claims that RAM asked for and waited over the 60 days they say it may take to process the claim. When I call they are short, talk over you and have an obvious tone of disregard and zero customer service understanding. Our particular lost luggage was meant as an extra bag which we filled with ALL the items we bought on our trip including two expensive rugs and other items totaling roughly $3.3K.

I would gladly join any lawsuit against RAM for damages.


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