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Default Complaint against etihad or malaysian

I booked a flight with lastminute.com with Etihad,

EDI-AUH etihad
AUH-KL etihad /codeshare Virgin Australia *Virgin Australia 773, VH-VPH best airline i ever flown, kids loved it too
KL-DPS etihad/codeshare malaysian airlines
DPS-SIN etihad/codeshare Garuda Indonesia
SIN-AUH etihad
AUH-EDI etihad

My flight was scheduled to leave KL with malaysian airlines on 12 july but was delayed due to volcanic eruption near Bali, I accepted this delay and malaysian airlines booked us into a 2 star hotel in a industrial estate about 10km south of the airport, The next day i left the hotel early to try catch any flights they may be rebooking, Malaysian got us onto a special flight for delayed passengers at 17.00 on 13 july (1 day delay) with the same flight number we had before but with addition of D on the flight number MH853D

I had a 2 week holiday in bali and all was well

On the 25th JUly i turned up at Bali airport at 12.30, 3 hours early and Garuda Indonesia refused my ticket on the basis it had E- Exchanged status, I didnt know what this meant and Garuda explained it as changed, unknown to me i didnt change anything and pleaded with Garuda again and again to fix the problem, I managed to get Etihad to call me via social media but battery was causing problem, Etihad informed them it now had a Malaysian airlines reference number, I contacted Malaysian check in who sent me back to Garuda who sent me back to Malaysian, Whilst this took hours my original Garuda flight had left without us, Malaysian told us to visit the Malaysian ticket office downstairs, So i did, The guy tried calling several people and after 2 hours told me to go home/get a hotel and they would email when the ticket was rebooked, Fortunetly i have a home in Bali and took joy in my extra day, That night i recieved a email from Malaysian to say they were unable to rebook my ticket, I went back to the ticket office the next day 26 July but it didnt open until 11am, My flight departed at 15.45, Again the ticket office were pretty useless or struggling to get help from Kuala Lumpur, The office clerk asked if i had my boarding pass from MH853D because my name wasnt on the flight manifest, For sure i was on it because i had proof that flight was booked for me.

Malaysian told me when my flight was rebooked due to volcanic ash, malaysian had taken control of my whole journey instead of just re-arranging the one leg. But how was i to know that when i was due to fly Garuda and ticket was booked with Etihad, They were still failing to fix the problem and i was at risk of loseing connection to the Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi/Edinburgh as check in was closeing so i bought 3 new tickets to Singapore with Garuda as the connection was most suitable.

Whilst at the Garuda ticket office i found another couple who were suffering the same fate, i directed them to the malaysian ticket office, But they were unhelpful again.

My children and I took out flight to Singapore to seek better help and i counted 36 empty seats on the Garuda aircraft.

We arrived in Singapore 26 July at 6.40 at night, Etihad left at 20.10 but it was a long walk to the transfer desk and by the time we arrived the etihad flight had closed, I put my case to the nice lady at the handling agent who spent 4 hours on it before handing the case to her manager, He took my case to malaysian but the office was closed, They worked on my case and i was offered a connection to Dublin the following day as Edinburgh was full, i pointed out Dublin was in a different country, They then went away and came back with the offer of Singapore Airlines to London & BA to Edinburgh, But time was passing and i started to lose hope as tickets werent issued and the flight approached, The handling agent manager then offered to buy us dinner out his own pocket? He told us a malaysian airlines flight arrived at 12.30 and he would hand over to his night manager and let us know the outcome of what they suggest, At 1am he told us Malaysian offered a flight to KL-London in 5 hours but in exchange they wanted all my tickets and the offer was only to London where i then had to make my own way home, By this time i hated Malaysian and wasnt paying another £300-£500 to fly london-edinburgh or get the train, so i refused the offer against the advice of the night manager, 27 July At 3am i emailed the ceo of etihad, put my kids to sleep on the floor and cuddled upto them, i had been awake 22 hours and had given up.

At 8am i went back to the agent who took my case to malaysian again, i fell asleep again with the kids and was woken up at 11.30 by the girl, She said Etihad had found a flight to Edinburgh at night and had given us Lounge access, At 2pm the nice manager from the day before came to check on us and update us, tell us to grab some food, grab a shower and pick up tickets at 6pm, A Etihad representative later came to see us 5pm to tell us we were going home.

At 6.30 we were issued our boarding passes on a apparent sold out flight, When our boarding passes were scanned a etihad representative again approached us and apoligised, When we arrived in Abu Dhabi we were met at the gate by a etihad representative and taken to our gate, When we arrived in Edinburgh we were met by a etihad representative and taken through immigration.

In all 2 day delay, 2 days of stress, 2 days my kids hardly slept, 2 days off work and haveing to explain to my employer.

Some would say its the fault of malaysian airlines for rebooking my whole new ticket, but i hold Etihad responsible as Malaysian is there choice of codeshare partner and they werent much help in getting me out of Bali or Singapore, I think i was lucky in that i bought my own ticket and got help from the great staff in Singapore, I didnt see the other couple again.

Who do i complain to and in which country, My ticket is ATOL & ABTA protected being bought through a travel agent but i guess i have to take it up with the airlines first.

Travel insurance wont pay out on the basis the flight was not cancelled or delayed.

I asked the tihad representative how to claim my new ticket back and she said Etihad would contact me, i dont need to contact them as my complaint has escalted to senior management, Dont know if my email worked but it wasnt refused as unknown address.
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Hi there,

We have replied to you on Flyertalk and advised to get in touch with Malaysian Airlines. Thanks for reaching out here!

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Yes, same reply i was given for two days, pass the blame and speak to someone else, cant believe a different airline was able to hijack your bookign and you werent able to retrieve it

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