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Old Jan 5, 2018, 1:17 PM
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When I booked this holiday from UK to Sydney I made the decision to sacrifice Christmas with my family to fly Emirates as it was a bit cheaper over Xmas day. I thought travelling to the other side of the world, I wanted to trust I was in safe hands. Turns out I was so wrong about that.
A few hours before my flight emirates emailed to say my flight from Gatwick would be an hour late and I would get an email if my connecting flight needed to be re-booked. I imagined it would be, but didn't receive the email. I rang Emirates who informed me I could be in with a 17 hour wait in Dubai. All my excitement fell away and anxiety set in.
At the airport, no more information was given so I got on the flight and crossed my fingers I'd make the connection.
Upon arrival at Dubai I had 3 minutes before the gate closed for my flight to sydney, but I made it. Although I was issued a new boarding pass with a new seat.
When I got to Bangkok we had to get off and on the flight again. I checked the app to see when I was supposed to arrive but the flight from Dubai to Sydney had changed. Was I meant to be on a different flight? Why didn't I get an email or text? Why did no one communicate this with me. Anxiety and stress levels rose. I would have expected better communication with customers from Emirates. I was starting to regret sacrificing Christmas to fly with an airline I thought I could trust.
On arrival at Sydney (10am on 26th Dec) my bags weren't there. I filled in some forms and was told they'd be there that night probably and that they'd be delivered. 2 days later I still didn't have my luggage. Again not the situation I expected to be in with Emirates.
Anyway, I was supposed to be going to the races on 26th, but since I was (foolishly) considering spending more money with Emirates to upgrade between Gatwick and Dubai I was dressed ok and my clothes were acceptable for the races.
By the next day - 24 hours later - there was still no sign of the luggage. I rang Emirates who said it had arrived in Sydney the previous night and the airport baggage people would ring to arrange delivery. I decided to call them to say we'd collect but got put in a call queue and requested a call back. That call back came 7 hours later from someone in the Philippines who couldn't even confirm the bag was at the airport, or give me any contact details of anyone actually in Sydney airport I could talk to. Unacceptable and immensely unhelpful.
I rang Emirates again who told me that there was something wrong and that even if I went down to the airport they still might not give me my belongings. I looked at the online luggage tracker and someone had input the description of the bag incorrectly. As well as my email address. Total incompetence. I rang Emirates again to try and rectify this but all they could do was email someone. Again, ridiculously unacceptable. After 49 hours we decided to go to the airport. 5 minutes from the airport i got a call to inform me the bag was ok to be collected/delivered. So I picked it up. This was meant to be a holiday to recharge but is just caused me more stress. And it costs so much money to get here. I'm so upset by all this
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