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Default Monies taken under false pretences

I need to make you aware of the experience I have had with British Airways that has seen money taken off me under false pretences, lies, deception and cover up. For our supposed British flagship air carrier, this is clearly unacceptable and something needs to be done. I apologise in advance for the length of this post.

I booked five tickets in Worldtraveller plus. Having recently flown to and from the US over to he summer, I decided, as a treat, to upgrade to Club World. I fist checked the price of five new tickets and it was £9,617.25. I tried to upgrade online but was unable to, so I called the contact centre on Tuesday 30 August.

Firstly, I was told the upgrade price was £19,998. When I pointed out the new ticket price, this came down to £6,100. I was told this included a £500 penalty for wanting to pay BA more money. Whilst I can accept a penalty for cancelling or changing flight, but to pay you more money? Also, the combined price of what I had already paid, plus the upgrade was over £1,000 more than the price of the new tickets.

Unhappy with that and given the varying prices that particular operator, I tried again on Friday 1 September. After an hour on the phone and, with the operator having spoken to her supervisor, she was pleased to inform me that, as a valued executive club member, they could provide me with my upgrades for less than £4,000 (£3,911.25). I accepted, it, given the time I had spent on the phone, I had a meeting to get to, so the operator promised to call my mobile to take payment.

I am still waiting for that call.

Unhappy, I called the next day and was told there was no record of the call and the price was £6,600, yet another price. I pointed out I had been promised a price, but the operator said there was nothing he could do as there was no record.

I then tried multiple times in the following week and asked that the tapes of my conversation on the Friday be obtained so that it could be shown I was offered a price and I had accepted. In the meantime, the prices of the flights were increasing almost daily. One operator agreed to get the tapes on Wednesday 14 August and that I would be called back in 48 hours.

I am still waiting for that call.

In the meantime, I e-mailed the Customer Relations team who responded after 10 days stating that they only dealt with issues arising after a flight. Really? An after flight customer relations team? They can’t enter into customer relations before the issue becomes a reality? That seems odd to say the least.

I then phoned again on Monday 19 September and was put through to another supervisor. This individual was very helpful, understood my position, referred to the notes of my conversation on 2 September (which, incidentally, were on file, so I had been lied to previously) could see I was offered that price for the two flights, took my card details and upgraded my flights. I was told I would receive confirmation in 24 hours.

I am still waiting for that confirmation.

However, on the plus side, I checked my online “manage my booking” account and could see that I had, indeed, been upgraded on both flights, as agreed. Whilst I was happy that I’d finally achieved what I’d set out to do three weeks prior, I retained a nagging doubt because I had not received through the e-mail.

Checking my online account two days later, to my horror, I noted that the flights had been changed back to Worldtraveller plus. Incredibly annoyed, I called the call centre again. This time, I spoke to a guy from the North East, who apologised and said that it had been a computer glitch and that he would reinstate the flights in Club World. He assured me that I didn’t need to wait on the line and that he would sort it and within 24 hours I would get an e-ticket.

I kept checking my online account and noticed that the return flight had been upgraded to Club World, but the outbound flight was still in Worldtraveller plus. Once 24 hours had elapsed and I had received no e-ticket, I phoned yet again. This time after an hour, I was put through to another supervisor. He was pleasant enough and said that he had spoken to Thomas who had informed him that he had made it clear in my conversation that the upgrade was only on the return flight.

That is an absolute and utter lie. If they check the tapes and check the phone conversation, they will hear nothing of the sort. Why would I accept just one flight upgraded when three days prior I had both flights upgraded? Why would I be back on the phone if I had agreed to that arrangement. I was told that, because those were the last notes on file, they had to rely on those, rather than the previous notes where I had been promised both flights for £3,911.25 or where payment was taken for both flights and the upgrade processed!

That money, taken on Monday, was taken under false pretences. The lies perpetuated by BA staff since is bordering on fraud. An offer was made, consideration given and acceptance given by me. That is a formal contract and their failure to follow through with that is a breach of that contract.

What I believe has happened is that the initial offer may have been an error. Now, BA are involved in a massive cover up to avoid me receiving the upgrades for the price that I was promised.

I am at the end of my tether. I have wasted hours on the phone as a result of BA incompetence, I am stressed, not sleeping properly (worried that the seats in Club World will be bought from under me) and this is not good for my health.

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