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Default Not allowed to board

On May 5/09/2007, I was not allowed to American Airline Flight at 1030pm (forogt number, but I still have the ticket) after the boarding agent saw me with a glass of white wine in my hand. I had just missed my seat on stand by and told the boarding agent that I'd be at the bar and grill for a bite to eat. He told me not to be long. The next flight starts boarding in 25 minutes. OK, I said. I sat at the bar , not 5 minutes ordered a glass of wine and a hamburger. The glass of wine came first of course. I began sipping the wine. The ticket agent walked up behind me and escorted me from the bar. Then she told me if I had another drink she was not going to let me board the plane. I only had one , two sips. Then one agent told me to drink coffee. I ask for what. The the Female who was blond about 5'10 heavy set, said "If you have another drink I want you board the plane which was scheduled to leave at 0300 now, because they didn't let me get on the 1125pm plane. Not only that, she said"Next time use breath mints, and tooth paste if your're going to drink and don't speak alot. It's a dead give away. Also she followed me to the bathroom and to the book store where I purchased two books. She watched me all night as If I was a child who needed to be baby sat. I believe the woman treated me this way because I was an African american Woman. I travel all the time and this has never happen to me before. I wasn't acting strange ,oose or out of control. If that wa the case she should have sent me to the hospital. The woman also gave diagnosis, saying that I was drunk. The only thing is that she saw me doing is sipping a glass of wine and assummed that I was drunk. She also over reacted.

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