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Default Air France: Rude Service

We just encountered extreme lack of courtesy and sheer rudeness by the Air France personnel during our check-in at Charles de Gaul Air Port in Paris. To make things worse, when asked for their name, the respective Air France personnel refused to reveal their identity. As seasoned international travelers we cannot recall having ever experienced such a rude service at any airline.
The following happened: We arrived at the Air France check-in counter at 7:00 am and tried to retrieve our boarding passes at the kiosk, but were unable to complete the process as our travel documentation did not include the required e-ticket number. We had booked our flights through Expedia.com, which to our information doesn’t provide e-ticket numbers. For further assistance we lined up at the check-in counter, which at the time was still closed. As we had arrived early, we were at the FRONT of the line. When Air France personnel opened the counter, an Air France representative told us that we needed to get our boarding pass at the kiosk before we could check-in our luggage. Although we explained to him that we had already tried this in vain, the representative insisted that we needed to go back to the kiosk. Upon our request he helped us at the kiosk and realized that it doesn’t work without an e-ticket number. The Air France representative then went back to the check-in counter and told us that we were now registered.
He then told us that we should go to the END of the line to receive our boarding passes and check-in our luggage. By that time a considerable line had formed and as we already had been at the front of the line, we requested to go back to our previous position in line. As the Air France representative was not open to reasoning and insisted that we go to the end of the line, we asked for his name, which he refused to give to us. We then requested to talk to his supervisor who concurred with his colleague that we should give up our position at the front of the line and go to the end of the line. As we asked the supervisor for her name, she told us that her name was Betty. When we requested the full name of the supervisor she wrote it down, but her last name was illegible.
As the Air France personnel obviously had no understanding for our request and were not willing to extend due courtesy to us, we followed the instructions that seemed unreasonable to us and went to the end of the line. Back in line and some 15 minutes later, yet another Air France representative asked us if we had our boarding passes. Upon our response that we didn’t have our boarding passes but that one of his colleagues had registered us, he requested that we get out of line and go to the kiosk to get our boarding passes there. He unhooked the Tensabarrier to escort us out. We refused to get out of the line and asked him to speak to his colleague who had registered us. He however insisted that we get out of the line now, which we continued to refuse repeating our request that he should confer with his colleague, whom we pointed out to him as we didn’t know his name. The representative then dropped the Tensabarrier on the floor and ordered us to pick it up and put it back into its casing. Only after we made clear to him that we were firmly unwilling to follow his request, he reluctantly picked up the Tensabarrier. We finally received our boarding passes and were able to check in our luggage ONE HOUR after we started at the front at the line.
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I think Air France are in Skyteam with Delta. It sounds like they have had some customer service training from Delta... outrageous!

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