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Flight 5491 on April 8, 2017....from SFO to BFL. I responded to United's email -survey about my canceled/ bumped flight and have heard nothing back. Maybe its because the very next day is when United physically removed that passenger and they had to deal with that and didn't want to deal with my little complaint. Not little to me- I was told I did not have a seat on the flight from SFO to BFL- even though I did, duh!
Turns out the plane that was suppose to take us to BFL was not going to make it. So United sent another, smaller plane and no room for me. And another guy who coincidentally also happened to be Hispanic. We were told United would provide us van transportation from SF to Bakersfield-wtf??!! That is a 4 hour drive by car exceeding the speed limit. Not thank you! Or they might find room for us on a flight the next day.
Long story short I did not make it home to Bakersfield to see my family and all United did was give me a $10 food voucher! really--what can you buy at an airport for $10!!!! A bag of chips maybe. So no response from United. I have a United credit card but I am not using it anymore and I will never fly United again! Oh and I have told my friends and family and they are no longer going to fly United!

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