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Default Flight AA 119 from Newark to LAX

The customer service by two flight attendants on AA flight 119 was terrible and the worst I have ever seen. They refused to give their names to the passengers. One handled first class (man) and the other took care of the back section. The one who took care of the back section had long straight dark hair. They were very rude and hostel, especially the woman flight attendant. She was rude and argumentative with an older woman (row 21) who called the woman flight attendant out for being rude to the passenger next to her. The worst customer experience I have ever seen from AA flight attendants.
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That's pretty much AA for you.

As a rule though, no airline employee is required to give more than their first name, which one can usually get form the name badge.
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They would not give out their first names and took off their badges.
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i am sorry that you had to go through that for the 7hours and that the experiance was one that no one wanted

you would expect that flying with a major airline would have attendants that are more friendly as you pay more for the service than budget airlines (southwest, jetblue)

can you give us some details on how they were rude? im really not suprised that they were

it seems there are alot of rude flight attendants on US based airlines compared to other major airlines (Virgin, British Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Asiana, JAL-dont know whats going on with their finances at the moment, and mainly asian airlines and western europe other than air france)

i suggest that you write a complaint letter to AA and explain that you were offended by the actions and behavior of their flight attendants and it made you uncomfortable and that you were shocked by the treatment...you expected more
give them the flight number if you have it and the day you flew, the time and any other info you have, they will be able to look at who was working the flight........they my give you a vouchar or some sort of compensation prob not much tho, but at least it will come to their attention and that they can review and take any action they see fit to hopefully make sure that it doesnt happen again
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Virgin Atlantic's FA are only interested in gossiping. I had the scariest FA on British Air recently out of Philly. I just answered no thank you,yes thank you to him but anyone who asked for anything was yelled at about him being on UK time and how there are only 4 flight attendants.

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